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    Hello again been a while.

    Hi welcome back. Its great to see another 2000 back on the road. Also nice to known there's another rover in our area. marcus
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    Odds 'n Sods - Collection at Bowes possible

    Pm sent regarding 3500 trims. marcus
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    hello again.

    It was very short. Sold rover with my on going health issues. but I ve got at least a few years left so I ve decided it will be with the rover. Marcus
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    hello again.

    Well I could nt stand an empty garage so i ve purchased a p6. Im hoping to collect this weekend. so hello again. marcus.
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    Thanks to you all, and ( more or less ) goodbye

    Did you go somewhere. marcus :D
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    rosie the rover lol

    Thanks Frazzle me to missing her like mad but my health has realy let me down and I could nt keep her just sat. Marcus
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    nada on ebay

    Well im suprised no one as mentioned the nada for sale on ebay. Looks a good project for anyone. These cars are going to rocket soon being the ultimate p6 to own. Its a cracking car I ve driven it when my friend owned it. Marcus.
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    rosie the rover lol

    Rosie as now been sold.
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    white rover now home

    Now sold.
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    rosie rover p6

    Thanks Harvey . I dont want to make a new opening in the garage so I will get her out on the farm. will report back marcus
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    rosie rover p6

    Hi Harvey tried that and it does move forward with clutch pedal down. So looks like it will need to come out. it had a new clutch fitted 2k ago but not the cylinder. marcus
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    rosie rover p6

    Hi Harvey I think your right. Cars been parked up in gear . Im thinking its stuck on. marcus
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    rosie rover p6

    I ve looked at the gear change she will go in and out of gear when switched off. But wont engage gear when running. marcus
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    rosie rover p6

    Hi all rosie is stuck in gear. Listing changed Regards marcus.
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    Starting to look good now. Its very scary when all that metal is gone. will be another rover p6 saved. Just shows as were seeing on many projects they can be saved in the right hands. marcus