Project...... 'PHAT' Rover!

Hi folks......Still chipping away at this.....took it onto street for first time in years to just turn can only work on one side at a time! and i wanted to see what it looked like!...and run like and did it stop! ....


it's not far off, but i have said that for years now!


before anyone asks.....its for flipping up the rear number plate for i hate plates!!!


but as is my usual way...a simple idea becomes more involved as i didn't want the plate to show when flat from rear! the fuel flap mechanism had to go through the floor....would have been too easy for it to just fit to the floor wouldn't it!!!

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my lads on with prepping the last wing.....when he can spare time from building his next project! a VVC mk1 Metro van!




ditching the early grill and will play with this one

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misc pics


boot cable release between back seat


Lighter Metro seats use similar rear seat material.


Headlamps to be raised.


boot locks used as door locks.
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Liking your project a lot !
Maybe want to have a re think on posting that video, only takes one arsey neighbour to tell plod with a link to that and it will take the shine off your day.
I'm still going to finish this someday!!!!...
playing with front panel...and changed my mind yet again!
the early panel as been with this car from the I didn't in the end have the heart to part with it....
I thought it looked quite mean with no front panel on....but maybe that's just me!
so original grill....cut and modified lower to hide x-member gubbings....and section from later panel welded to top to make deeper....
headlamps have been raised...I fitted new lamps...then thought it would look better with modern 'bullseye' fitted a pair!
this is where I am up to..... if I could get in garage but for the damn cold.....
Now got to drop sections for headlamps...and fit indicators



headlamps now raised....original panel doesn't hide x-member


just playing..


modern headlamps for a more meaner look!...


extension piece from the later front panel...


sliced panel to make it hide x-member now....


a bit more fettling to reveal the lights...
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Great to see your still going! Been following from the start. Might be a long time between updates but they are all great and worth waiting for :)


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Hi Tam, thanks for your kind words.
I never imagined it would take so long....and I never intended it to...I used to throw projects out in months rather than years when I was younger. But this year I'm 64, and if you're a guy who is lucky enough to be able to do jobs of any kind, you are in big demand from both family and friends and even folk who live in the same street!!. So whilst working on my project, I have put my precious time into 4 other car projects, and renovating families homes, but I'll get there and soon.
I have promised myself to hit the road this year in whatever state or primer colour the body is in!!
I know what you mean regarding time ............. I now try to pick off manageable chunks rather than going for mammoth ones, I kept my car driving pretty much through out, nothing like a blat up the road to garner some enthusiasm to carry on.

Will your car fit through the door when done ? - aye I bet its happened to someone ;)
Re: Project....Northern Soul

what happens when it rains, I hear that it does sometimes in England, where does all the water go?
BTW, just found you project and started reading from the first page, a magnificent effort, bet its hard to stay focused? I'm doing a convertible morris minor and so far its
in year 5....o_O, anyway , I will keep on reading...
dont give up..
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Play days pics.....


grill over lamp


Cut edge off another bonnet...I thought in head this would work with a full length grill in between....but how wrong I was...


original grill..


later did hide more of x-member though..


the car just scrapes through with my lad watching....I had to remove a row of shelving though!...
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That looks so much like a shark now, it’ll be due a new name!
Are the headlamps from another vehicle, or aftermarket? I plan on similar for mine but ideally wanted fully uk legal integrated halo ring items. BMW is probably my best bet but where are yours from?