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1972 3500S P6B Power Steering Installation

Discussion in 'Suspension / Steering' started by Lovel, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. Lovel

    Lovel Member

    Hmm bit of dilemma today. Once I had installed the pump mounting bracket (which required the engine to be lifted an inch or two to get lowermost set pin inserted). All went well fitting the pump and crank pulley etc, however as can be seen the belt alignment is way off. Can anyone tell me if there are different crank pulley types as I have seen one in another thread that seems to have a spacer section on it compared to mine. If mine had the spacer section then perhaps the belt would line up much closer? The crank pulley came with the pump and steering gear so I assume it is of a set from one vehicle. Anyone care to comment on the pulley I have fitted?

    Heres a photo of another members crank pulley showing a gap between pulleys and the power steering belt groove nearer towards the timing cover which I think will help alignment on mine? [​IMG]
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  2. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    There are different auxilliary crank pulleys, and if you include Land/Range Rover ones as well as P5B/P6B there are quite a few. Your one isn't correct, the P6B one is offset by about 1" and fitting that will bring your belt into line.
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  3. Lovel

    Lovel Member

    Ok thanks for the feedback. Hopefully I can find a correct pulley or the necessary adaption to fit.
  4. Lovel

    Lovel Member

    The good news. :) I have sourced and fitted the correct pulley from Graham (user Penguin) at Ely Service.

    The bad news. :rolleyes: The high pressure hose just burst, lots of oil everywhere, yes it was looking tired after many years use no doubt, I should have known better, I mean it was only stamped 1972 manufacture :oops:. Perhaps a good job it happened during the installation rather than the open road. Oh well a new replacement has now been ordered from Wadhams. Hope the new one last the same time?
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