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    Bollards! It's a Concrete Pillar!

    Don't write that door off yet because a decent panel beater would sort that out. My MGC suffered rear wing damage like that when hit by a Winnebago and I expected it to need a new wing but the repairers straightened it out beautifully - and in fact were disappointed because they had to use a...
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    216 cabriolet

    The cream interior is also much better than the grey
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    What is a 'Classic Rover'

    OK, so the P6 marked a change of direction, as did the SD1 and 800. However, I am taking issue with a tendency that runs through so many car clubs - the "anything made later than my model is rubbish" syndrome. Almost every club and forum has it to a greater or lesser extent and it does the...
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    What is a 'Classic Rover'

    I work on the principle that any old car is a classic if it encourages people to spend more money on restoring it than it is worth afterwards! That strikes me as a very snobby atitude. Just like MGA owners who say that the B is not a proper MG because it doesn't have a separate chassis. I...
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    Rover P6 Diesel Convertible.

    That's the one - you buy it, it's yours to do with as you wish. You don't think that if Rover were building the P6 today tha theremight be a diesel version, then? Or that if decent diesels had been available in the early 1970s that the P6 would have had one?
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    JVY & Classic British Aircraft

    I would imagine that the Jaguar in question was the two-seater XX136 which was from Aeroplane and Armaments Experimental Establishment (A&AEE) Boscombe Down which crashed on 22 November 1974 ... Jaguar.htm
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    SAAB 900 T8

    Nice - almost half a million km on a modified Triumph Dolomite engine :)
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    Does anyone know where I can buy a new kitchen?

    Sorry - given the amount of spam, I couldn't help asking :)
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    2.2 head on a 2000 block

    I suspect that there are many things that could be done to extract more power/torque from the engines, with the biggest limitations being finances!
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    Absolutely NO Rover content whatsoever

    Here we go with the arches: This is what the original flares look like: This is the kit of wider flares. Single-piece front flares, two-piece rears (part for the door part for the wing) and two funny looking bits that have yet to be identified! : I used fibreglass matting and resin to beef...
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    Any one done an HID Xenon conversion on their P6?

    Conventional headlight lenses are often not well suited to HID conversions - you are better off with projector units because they have a better beam pattern. I fitted an HID kit to my Chevy Lumina (Vauxhall/Holden Monaro) which had halogen projector headlights and the results were superb...
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    The car looks great and it (and its owner) deserve full credit. Did the judges pass any comment on the non-standard engine?
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    Future Classics?

    For me it has absolutely nothing to do with value or age and everything to do with irrational affection! For example, a tidy Allegro may only go for £400 but there really is no denying their classic status, whether you like the or not. Likewise, MX5s are really classics already yet many are...
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    Ian, I can only echo the sentiments of the others on this thread: good luck. If it's any help, a friend of mine has just been through something similar - throat surgery, chemo and radiation therapy. 18 months later he is still "all clear". I am sure that you will be in good hands with the...
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    Stripped bolt head on Thermostat housing

    Grind the head off and lift the stat housing clear - then get the grips on to it.