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    Welcome to the forum of the future.... again....

    Sorry I wasn't clear, I meant the icons on bookmarks. Thanks for confirming the icon problem isn't just me though. I do have a bunch of browser bookmarks, but I'm content to wait and see what happens.
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    Welcome to the forum of the future.... again....

    Is anyone else missing the icon on the tabs and bookmarks in Firefox?
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    Door latch binding

    Thank you for posting that picture. I don't have any spares to compare against without pulling apart another door. The latch part of the mechanism does look like the problem, but it's not held that way by pressure and works well when turned with the handle. I guess it shifted out of place...
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    Door latch binding

    When I use the push button, the latch sticks and won't engage. While ripping the guts apart and letting the door flop closed has worked fine for many years, I'd kind of like it to work again. Now that I've taken the mechanism out of the door I can see what's wrong with it, but i don't know how...
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    Well Drat!! Makes Me Sad!

    :( It's sad to see two more get crushed. The blue one looks easily saveable, and the white car's nicer than mine even with the rust. Wish they were closer, for the blue car's hood if nothing else.
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    Not Rover...but British

    That Jaguar's an S-type, not a 240. My family has a white one with blue leather, it's a beautiful car, but it is very much a cat. It got driven out of its garage for a few days, decided it didn't like being ignored, and lost compression in all six cylinders at once. Hasn't run since.
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    Silver TC (US eBay) ... =mtr#v4-40 A good-looking car, but I wonder how much weight that luggage rack could hold before the trunk lid was damaged. It also has nonstandard side strips, which is a shame.
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    Would have some hustle...

    Is that an Australian-exclusive color or something custom? It's nice.
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    Federal 3500S project for sale!

    That is a very pretty car, the grey/red is perfect on it. Hope it sells easily, it would be tragic if it ended up scrapped.
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    Rover 2000 mechanic's tool board ... 2c6fa60354 I haven't seen one of these before. Now that I have, though, I want one! Even an empty one would be excellent decoration.
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    White TC with black vinyl roof (US eBay) ... 19dbbb2d66 The ad has a lot of nice pictures to look at. The car is very pretty, but I'm not a fan of the lighter compromise badges. Is the large GB badge a factory feature?
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    Yellow TC with AC/sundym (US eBay) ... 2328570fd9 It looks amazing, and really tempts me to return mine to yellow when I eventually make the paint one color.
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    2012 Magazine Article on NADA 3500S

    Thanks for posting the link - I love seeing NADAs getting attention!
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    door seal

    Is this the thread you're looking for? viewtopic.php?f=7&t=13974
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    Black 2000TC in Florida

    I knew the NADA 3500S had reflectors, but I had no idea 2000TC's got them too. I was assuming they were a custom addition by the owner. Are they always orange at the back corners with none at the front?