restoring a 1967 series 1 2000

oh dear I've just taken the front wing off, there appears to be some metal missing. can anyone tell me as this is a series 1 should there be a hockey stick bit of metal running under the inner wing edge? also did rover use metal infused with aspirin on the P6 as it seems they dissolve with ease... oh well get the sheet steel and welder out again.



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I must say I admire your bravery! I'm quite surprised you did so much patient metalwork at the back end of the car before you took the front wing(s?) off. What does the other side look like? Were the hockey sticks removed on both sides? Crack on, keep the pics coming, we'll all supply the moral support...
Not done much to the old gal recently (family life 'n' all). Had a bash at the front wing this weekend. my welding wire had picked up some rust so the welds around the front wing mounting is a very snotty. Nobody will see it when the wings on but I'll have a bash at tiding it up later. It was a pain to separate as it sandwiches the end of the hockey stick panel, but I got both sides off intact. I had to drill out the spot-welds to the headlight mounting and then cut the front panel so i could remove the whole corner and re-build it, the headlight apertures are all that's left everything else is new metal. home made panels of course lol..


Finally finished the drivers side inner wing repairs, I managed to salvage the front wing mountings and the flat panel with the hole in it & the reinforcing behind it. These items were cut off and the welds ground down to get them apart, everything else was scratch built then these were re-attached as original. Where there was rust and thin air now there is metal and schutz... I have etch primed all metal then seam sealed all joins and repairs (messy stuff ) then a coat of red oxide finally white enamel and schutz to match the original finish. Tape was used over the front wing mounts so no schutz was applied over them as on the original. I do regret being lazy on the sill closer/splash panel and not keeping the bottom pressing as original, lesson learnt but It doesn't look to bad.


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Thanks ive took a break from welding and been taking bits out of the engine bay and im finding them to be in remarkable condition under the years of grime.
Well finally finished the welding, didn't bother posting pics as it was basically the same as the drivers side. The only exception was the rear deck under the rear window, this had a few holes that were letting water into the boot. Between bouts of welding i took bits from the engine bay and cleaned them up (hence the shiny rocker cover in the first pic). with the welding complete I decided to re-furb the engine bay next. I haven't had the car running yet so i thought that should be my next mission. I've kept it as original as possible in satin black and Schultz to the lower half. I manager to salvage the original chassis plate and neg earth sticker and re applied them once painted. I also found a guy on ebay who reproduces the old Duckhams service stickers so ive added one of those where the originals were (saved the original but it was to rough to re-apply). If anyone knows if their is a repro of the original bulkhead covering please let me know. it was foam covered in a really thin vinyl type material. I thought abut using a closed cell foam material but didn't think it would look right. i may leave it as is for now and use a adhesive backed foam tape to seal the heater...any thoughts??? Also who's the best for the technical spec sticker I've seen a few on the net but i would like a good quality one.

And finally if anyone has an 2000sc spares they want rid of please drop me a line, I'm not a millionaire so price needs to be reasonable, and you'll know the parts are going to a good home. im trying to re-use as many original parts as possible but the items below are beyond repair...

water pump
rear axle elbows
brake calipers or service parts (I've overhalled the master cylinders)
servo repair kit or good condition servo.
service items, points condenser air & oil filter, thermostat
sump gasket or any other gaskets, (just bought a NOS head gasket just in case )
rubber seals for the front wings
door seals
door window seals.

Thanks for reading and I'll update as the build continues.

1. Engine Bay Before.jpg 2. Engine Bay.jpg