restoring a 1967 series 1 2000

Passenger side inner-wing suspension area finally finished. A kind fellow donated a stack of parts he was clearing from his garage, and in this lot were a set of new old stock front shocks. So my drive for originality continues, I hope to keep 85-90% of the original car ...5-7% has rusted away 5-8% un-serviceable or replaced with original or period parts.
pictures of the inner wing area before and after shown,
Just need to add the brake caliper and pipework to the drivers side and that's done too.
next job the rear axle...


This turned out to be the best part of the car condition wise. Even the rear calipers still work!

The drive shafts to rear wheels will be the next job, they are quite heavily corroded so will need some work.

Cant wait to get the car back on its wheels now.


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It might pay to check all your universal joints very carefully, any stiffness in a particular plane will lead to driveline vibration.