I quite like this car but has it got an identity crisis?

Phil Robson

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I understand the extra clearance in an auto transmission tunnel makes putting an LT77 in far easier & I know of other cars with this done.

As for the the 'welding' done & welding required together with copious amounts of 'scotchlok' connectors, this car appears to have been struggling through MOTs for a long time - just like mine had :rolleyes: and it will take some serious work to get it back to something like.

Interesting wheels though :)


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Sparky has a 5 speed LT77 and an auto tunnel, so not much to worry about, unless you get cornered by an anorak with a real 3500S who takes offence :oops: - only happened to me once.

I would think you need to be a serious welder if you bought this though; it's going to need some work :)

Scotchloks look to be just there just for the towbar wiring, so easily sorted.