Dutch Rover V8 "4600" - (former 2200TC topic)

Since I was still posting in my personal topic, I figured it might be time for a new one for all the work that I'm doing on my car.

All the welding has been done:

Now I'm working on some electrical problems. All my lights on the front work just fine, but I'm having problems with my right indicator and my left light on the rear end. My braking lights work just fine. My right indicator on the front doesn't flash, it burns constantly, except when I turn on the alarm lights.

I've checked the light bulbs, they seem to be just fine. I've checked the wiring in the passanger compartment, it could have taken some damage during the welding, but I don't seem to find any problems there as well...

Any thoughts on this?
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- The bulbs are fine
- The sockets are fine
- The fuses are more than fine
- The wiring seems fine...

Took out the entire rear light units, all the wiring in those parts were solid. The problem has to lurk somewhere else in the wiring... O joy... :roll:


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It runs on the same side as the battery under the carpet against the sill... there is one place you can't see where it goes through a box section. You can pull it about to see though.

The interior still is as blank as a baby's bottom, just a Dutch proverb, so luckily I don't have any problems tracing down the wiring. :)

Currently I'm too busy with my study and I'm playing a gig on Malta next weekend, so it'll be a while! :( :( :(
Finally! :mrgreen: :LOL:

Ran down the wiring once again and discovered some nasty things...

Spent a lovely hour cramped up in the back of my Rover, trying not to burn myself with liquid metal... :LOL: The result however, was perfect... All the electrics are working perfectly! :D

Motivated I started cutting up isolation material to cover up the propshaft covers in my interior:

All looking good! 8)
A nice sunday afternoon inside my Rover, glueing in all the insulation material:

So far so good! Next thing to do is fitting my 'new' radio and putting back the complete interior. :)
Spent the whole weekend with my dad rebuilding the interior of my P6. :)

First time in months out on the road... She does not yet have MOT, but we took her for a small spin to get all the mechanics going again.


Just need to sort out some small things before she can go for her MOT. :)

Movie! 8)
do those guys in the back know what there doing lol, :shock: its a nice car , looks very smart, my car had the same wiring problem
marcus said:
do those guys in the back know what there doing lol, :shock: its a nice car , looks very smart, my car had the same wiring problem
They haven't gotten a clue... Had to chase them away before I could get started! :shock: :LOL:

GRTV8 said:
looks great
Nice to have your Dad working alongside too.
A P6 must be a rare sight in Holland
It's nice doing these sort of things together with my Dad. :) You (sadly) don't see too many P6's here in Holland, but the positive thing about that, is that mine's just that little bit more special over here. 8)


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Excellent work there Thijs

I hope you've left a cut-out in the insulation around the transmission tunnel to allow access to the gearbox filler etc :wink:

Sorry friends it is not in English:
Thijs hij bedoeld dat je een gat open moet laten om bv bij je kilometerteller kabel te kunnen als die stuk is, bij een 3500 zit die opening aan de linker kant een redelijk groot rond gat en hij denkt dat je alles dicht geplakt hebt met isolatiemateriaal.
groetjes Hans.
Didn't pass her MOT today... :(

Things that need attention:

- Get my exhaust completely leak free. Now there are some small holes right before the (completely new and stainless steel) mid section, in the manifold part.
- My rear left brake does not work, at all. :LOL: Didn't notice it, because the other brake fill the gap quite wel... Don't know what's wrong with it though, need to find that out. Any tips? Things that are likely to break first on P6's?
- My left braking light does not work :roll: Thought I had sorted out the electrics by now, but apparantly I haven't.
- The blower and heater don't work properly, which means I can't get my wind screen clear in the winter. Had no clue something like that could be mandatory! :roll:

Apart from this, the guy that checked my car was quite positive. Overall it's a good car, with these 'minor' issues. :)


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Thijs Leuven said:
Didn't pass her MOT today... :(
Hi Thijs

Sorry to hear your car didn't pass. Sounds like a few minor issues that should be fixed relatively quickly.

Get my exhaust completely leak free. Now there are some small holes right before the (completely new and stainless steel) mid section, in the manifold part.
This may be as simple as leaky manifold gaskets which are fairly straighforward to replace (I'm replacing the ones on my 2000 SC). Might be a bit more involved with your TC being a bit more crowded in that area.

My rear left brake does not work, at all
Could be a stuck brake caliper or maybe a collapsed hose preventing hydraulic fluid getting to it. I'm not sure if the the brake fluid goes to the left or right caliper first but it passes through one to get to the other.

My left braking light does not work
I presume the bulb is ok? This might just be the bulb holder needing a good clean to ensure good contact. Try giving the light a tap whilst the brakes are being applied to see if it comes on. If not then check the bulb and holder for corrosion. If they're ok then check your connections and the earth etc.

The blower and heater don't work properly
Have you checked the fuse and fuse holder? This is another area that can suffer from heat damage.

Hope you get it sorted