Vanden Plas Automatic 1982

She drives very well. I haven´t used it very much but I plan to take it to England this summer.
With 3 kids and luggage in the back she will be lowered!
what is this talk about lowered? must be more cockney rhyming slang :p

SD1 was not my favourite in 1976 when it suddenly appeared on the scene and I realised that the P6 production was over! :confused:

however, after a few years , it did "grow on me" and I slowly changed my mind, my father in law had one and on my wedding night (quite a few years back) I was allowed to borrowed it for an "outing" with the missus , did enjoy that!! remember my father in law telling me that one engine it had simply blew up, had to go in for major repairs (company car)
I don't mind a slammed motor to look at but don't see the attraction of turning a comfortable cruiser into a roller skate at every opportunity.