THE ROVER GALLERY!! Post a pic of yours,"and you" here.


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Re: THE ROVER GALLERY!! Post a pic of yours here.

Some of these are a bit out of date as the Almond car hasn't seen daylight yet this year and the red car was still wearing the dust from winter, and the bird crap from someone taking the cover off a few weeks ago :roll: .

No.1 Taken over the glorious Irish summer (June 01 - June 9th!!)

No.2 Waking up for summer.

Older, cleaner shot!


No.3 1/2!!

Re: THE ROVER GALLERY!! Post a pic of yours here.

Easy enough to get a pic of P6 but might need a wider lense if i was to be in it! :mrgreen: :oops:



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Re: THE ROVER GALLERY!! Post a pic of yours here.

A well know P6 now owned and pampered by a local enthusiast.

A freinds project Rover 100.

Recomissioned after 18yrs locked away in a dry garage,this is CONNOR.

Owned for years by a local enthusiast,and due to family coming along it only took 20yrs to restore!



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Here is my Rover resting peacefully on a cold Autumn day. Those with keen eyes will notice that the V8 badge within the grille appears to be missing. It is still there, just hiding behind the cold weather covers that I have fitted.

The last P6 I had which I sold exactly one year ago

Amazingly original car that only needed a bit of welding to the sills and the rear brakes overhauling.
I've a horrible suspicion that this car may have been stripped and used for banger racing. So if anyone knows if HAY 16N is still alive, I'd love to hear from you.
The fleet!
First, the V8 autos. White one is a 1972 (UK market), Turquoise is a 1973. (NZ assembled)

Then the decent 4 pots. Red TC's a 1968, Green NADA is a 1967 auto.

The 1973 3500S. Currently in storage.

The late '65 Estate. Before. Currently in a million bits and being very slowly rebuilt.

And the latest arrival that I'm very much looking forward to playing with. An early '65.