THE ROVER GALLERY!! Post a pic of yours,"and you" here.

As it seems likely this area of the forum is going to grow and grow would it be worth sub-dividing into relative models.

I would suggest as follows.......................

Series 1
2000 man/auto
Three Thousand Five

Series 2
2000 (man/auto)
2000 TC
2200 SC (man/auto)
2200 TC
3500 Auto
Any that dont fit the above?

...........................but would appreciate others may have a different opinion. Not sure how much work for Spider (aka The Webmaster) :wink:

What do others think?



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I agree. That seems pretty sensible to me. We'll be wading through acres otherwise.
I probably wouldn't bother drawing the distinction between 2000 and 2000 TC, but agree that V8 and NADA should remain separate, as NADA could also include Federal TC's & Auto's.
Likewise I don't see the need in splitting out 2000 from 2200, especially when there will be so few of the latter anyway. S2 3500's aren't sufficiently different from the 3500S (especially post-73), and various trim changes by owners down the years means that they could be virtually identical bar the gearbox, and then there's the question of whether an Auto with an LT77 'box is an 'S or not. Not that it would be policed or anything, but the more straightforward the options, the more likely that relevant cars will be in the right places.
As an addition, a section for early cars (and maybe custom cars?) would be nice.
With that in mind, how about this as a revised proposal?

Series 1
- 2000 Sharkstooth (pre-'66)
- 2000 SC, TC & Auto ('66 onwards)
- Three Thousand Five
- Federal/NADA

Series 2
- 2000 & 2200
- 3500 & 3500S

Specials & Custom - The gallery for all specials, one-offs, historically significant cars, and your custom projects. Eg, VIP, Crayford Coupe, JXC 8C, etc.



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rockdemon said:
suggested sections have been added. I suggest an almond thread maybe?
Homer Simpson -MMMM Almond AArrggg - My favourite .
This is bordering on colour prejudice .
With all the Almond envy out there , I can see this ending up at the Hague
Selfishly I do like the idea of a Sharkstooth section, can we have it? - would assist me in trying to locate some of the known survivors (including anything in Willow Green....)

Michael's idea is a good one.


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Here's one from a June this year upon entering the Norwich Classic Vehicle Clubs fun day show in daily use and not even cleaned as can be seen by the state of the screen.

OOps a bit big then I'm not small :LOL:

And my first pic since the forum and my move :mrgreen:


Lets have a section for The Colour That Cant Be Mentioned. Perfect for everyone with avoid
Was going to put a pic of mine but can't follow the previous one.
Sorry Guy.


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My favourite Sparky pics :)

Petworth, in between the showers.

Basking in the sunshine at Beamish 2012

Go home Sparky, you're drunk ! 8)

The red car, finally out and relatively clean :roll: . It seems like yesterday that I took these, but the heat of July is a distant memory now! The good news is she's now taxed and almost ready for regular use again.

Must paint over the grey primer!