Strange signal lights

Something's strange is happening...when i turned the signal to the left, my fog light flashes. All wiring looks in order. But when I pull or yank the 3 wires out a little bit towards the water wiper bottle, red, green and black only then the signal light, at the bottom, flashes. Any idea why?


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Hi, You've got a dodgy connection probably on the earth wire somewhere. The indicator light
is losing its earth and is finding another route, in this case it would seem through the fog light.
The other possibility is the the loom is damaged and the two circuits are shorting together and
when you move it they separate, so inspect the loom for damage and remake the earths.

Hi this earth wire, where else should I be looking at to see if it is exposed? There's some wires earth to the inside of the boot. Shoukd I look at the passenger side for the left signal light? The fog light is still flashing rather than the orange signal light at the bottom of it. Still can't figure it out.
There are several earth points on the body some bolted to the shell some as in the boot just plugs. the bolts get rusty and lose connection and the plugs get tired and loose and the self tapping screws get corroded too. Your best bet is to get a wiring diagram, that will show you all the earth points.


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rafrover said:
rockdemon said:
Did you use Matron's vaseline?
Well not yet. The housing at the back of the bulb looks disintegrated so not sure if Vaselin will help. Thoughts?
Hi, while Vaseline can ease the situation at the back, it can't work miracles and make it like new. :wink:

RHS direction light on the front. The bulb works and flashes just the housing snd makes it sit in that hole has broken into pieces. But I am using some tape to hold it into place. What have you got?