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Nov 3, 2018
Aug 31, 2014
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Nov 3, 2018
    1. catboy
      Hi Mike

      I'm after after both rear shockers part no 529617

      And both front shockers part no 516747

      Not sure about a make these are heavy duty shockers

      Cheers Lee
    2. Viking virgin
      Viking virgin
      Hi Mike. My email is clivewest57@hotmail.com . Thanks for the information regarding extending doors. It sounds just like I pictured it in my head.

      1. mikecoombs
        will send on Monday when I'm back at work.
        Jan 4, 2017
    3. Arndt
      Hi Mike,

      you told keynsham1 to give him the part number for the heater valve.
      Today I have the same problem to chose a appropriate heater valve.
      Can you remember the manufacturer and the number yet?

      Greetings from Germay
      1. mikecoombs
        I'll Look up what I've bought, the original isn't available anymore , it was a Ranco valve. I'm not sure of part no. but the replacement is a GM Delco unit used around '69-70 and up till the mid eighties so I suspect Vauxhall or Opel would have used it as Holden (HQ Model) did. I have three I have purchased I'm happy to swap your dead one for one of them, they are brand new,Michael
        Mar 12, 2016
      2. mikecoombs
        er did I answer this?
        Jan 4, 2017
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