Roof vinyl.

Hi everyone,
I am new to the forum and have done a search for this subject but unable to find anything but apologise if this has but brought up before.
At some point i am looking to replace the black vinyl on my 2200 SC. i have looked online and found that Martrim do various styles... is this the supplier of choice or is there a better one out there?


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Hi, I can see this is an old post so you might have got sorted, I bought mine from Mark Gray ( MGDB Parts )
I recovered my rear quarters with it, its a good match / quality and i thought reasonably priced,
Hi Richard.
First off thanks for the tip with the Martrim one, that took a couple of hours to read.... once i started i couldn't finish, Sparky looked great at the end. Well done.
Second, during the read I managed to answer a puzzle I had. A week or two ago I stripped down my washer delay to see what the issue was. Two speeds but no delay.
The diaphragm was dry but functioning well but there was nothing between the rubber disc and a small piece of retaining metal about two eigths of an inch away.
Not knowing what there and more puzzling was where did it go. I hunted around and improvised with the rubber end from a pencil, the only thing I had to hand. It worked well and cured the problem. Next time I strip it I will use foam like you, it does explain where the missing piece went though... thank you.