Orange P6 2200

One of two things will happen. Relisted due to timewaster or it will be re registered again with a new V5
Whats the chance of it keeping the same reg it had before its time in Ireland?
I assume the new owner will be along here soon enough to introduce him/herself.
I hope that any new owner is happy with it and we do not become the bearers of the news that its not a 2.2 but a 2ltr
Provided the bodywork is good, it seems a reasonable price for a decent car with an incorrect engine. And being an SC, at least there's no hunting around for expensive exhaust manifolds.
I put a temporary 2000SC engine in the 2200TC l had. I also registered it as such & sold it as such when l never got round to replacing the engine with the original. As it happened that worked out to the benefit of the young buyer due to insurance. I'd be looking for more money in the current market though. ;)
Point being that if you're up front there are no problems.

Haven't seen no sign of her on here since though, despite him being a member.
could be this one, latest bid is £1650
Item location: Liverpool


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Shows £2150 at the moment
a 2000SC engine which from my personal experience is not the greatest drive
so badged as a TC but only a SC and badged as a 2200 but with a 2000 engine, still looks very pretty


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Guys I just wanted to confirm something with you I understand the interest in the P6. But do you not think your interest has gone a little bit to far ok so the seller has allowed the registration number to be viewed via eBay. You have messaged the owner for the engine number and I presume that he or she has sent you a photo of it in good faith. and now you have posted it on a public forum so now that car could be cloned because the engine number is visible and the reg & chassis number why don’t you post name and address as well it’s like p6 stalking of sellers your not buying the car, did you get the permission from the owner to post such information on a public forum.
If someone wants to post there engine number chassis number then that’s up to them as the owner of that car. but I always thought that you kept Information like that private,
The chances are very low of course but I think we all should be mindful that the owner might not want theses details being published without his consent on a public website, if I was selling a car and found that someone did this I don’t think I would be happy.
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