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Rover at Papaya Restaurant ftq os  (DSC_5890)_resize.JPG Hi there,
I'm actually a Rover P4 driver,
(This is like introducing oneself at an AA meeting ! NOT that I have EVER been to one !)

Had my present car since 1975, (a 1960 Rover 100, previously a couple of 90's and a 60).

Why am I here in Thailand ?

I'd actually started a refurbishment, in the 80's, but been moved to Iraq to work on a Railway project there, and so work on the car was stopped, and as usual, it languished in my garage for a long time.

When I got divorced, the firm I worked for at the time sent me here to work on the Bangkok Blue Line North Metro Project, so I decided that it was a good time to bring my car out with me (Personal possessions !).

So, I brought my car over here, in 1999 in pieces. It arrived in a 20 foot container at the docks in Bangkok, but unfortunately, I hadn't advised the Authorities, that I wanted to import it. (Believe me that caused problems).

So it took a little while to get it legalised and duties paid, but then it was time to refurbish as quickly as possible.
Friends, helped me with restoration garages, and soon it was looking good again.

Rover at Papaya Restaurant ftq os  (DSC_5890)_resize.JPG

The car was photographed for a local motoring magazine, since the Owner of the Magazine was President of the Thai Vintage car Club, of which I am a member.

So here it is, outside my favorite Restaurant at the time (unfortunately the lease ran out, and the Owners took it apart, and moved it elsewhere !).
Hope you like it,
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welcome :) you should be able to click your name towards the top right of the screen - next to inbox and alerts. You can personalise your settings from there :)
Thank you for your welcome,

A/C .......... What's that ?

Rainy season is really the worst, when the screen steams up, so you have to wind down the windows, ............. and get wet as well !
The COOL season it can be unbearably hot, and also unbearably cold,
The first time I used my heater in Thailand, was coming out of a restaurant at night, and I was amazed that it could get SO cold.

One of these days, I'll get A/C, I didn't fit it before, when I rebuilt it, because I didn't want, the ''one size fits all'' under the dash, linear style which was so out of keeping with the car, so I've been looking for a style to fit ever since.