New Member from Thailand

do you use your car every day or is it a weekend job, safety shoes or not?
Not using it at the moment, because it's running like a bag of nails.
I've just replaced all the HT wiring, and just about to start on the Carburetter.
Then I need to sort the brakes out, bleeding and fettling !
THEN it will be ready to take to the road, (I hope).
Reminds me of things I saw in India a few years ago. At least this guy looks to be wearing goggles as he uses the gas torch. Arc welding in Rajasthan seemed to involve a lot of blinking instead!
I was totally gobsmacked at the work he turned out though, but I'll find out one day, whenever, I strip off the paint !
I am also a member, retired and living in Thailand, Phayao, but my P6 sty in UK for use when I visit. Some years go when I lived in Bangkok, I saw another P4 n he road, but just a passing car. I met a P6 Thai owner hen looking at his car, parked in Chula Uni. grounds. I believe that there are other classic Rover about the country, but I have never seen any.
Do you have any contact with the Lufthansa Classic Car Club, in Bangkok? They used to have a annual meeting at thee army base in Bangkok, and I went once. Great selection of cars. I have never heard of another meeting, but odd mentions in Classis and Sports car, (Simon Taylor,) suggest that the Classic scene is flourishing in Thailand.
In Thailand, I am sorry to admit that I drive a Toyota Vios. Efficient modern car, that has shown up the poor gear change of my Rover.
Sorry, but I ham not that person. Only interest in P4s is that I nearly bought one in my youth, and general interest in Rovers in strange places.

My memory tell s me that I have seen another P4 in Bangkok, near the British Embassy. both were driving past and seemed in good condition. Other than Landies, that has been my extent of Rover spotting in Thailand.