NADA BW35 Gearbox filler / level tube


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Guessing that this request is unlikely to get a reply and to be honest, I didn't really expect anyone to have one of these kicking about!:LOL::LOL:So my next option would be to convert to a dipstick arrangement like the UK cars had. There seems to be a number of versions in the parts catalogue but I am assuming any of them will work.

So my next ask is does anyone have a dipstick and filler tube for a BW35 from a V8 they have no use for?:):)


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So my next ask is does anyone have a dipstick and filler tube for a BW35 from a V8 they have no use for?:):)
Andy (eightofthem) on here may have one, if he doesn't see and answer this thread, send him a PM.

I sold my last one so the owner could do the same thing, but he was in the USA.

I always prefer the later type flexible tube and dipstick.


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I have managed to source a later BW35 type dipstick and tube with the flexible top end. I am planning to fit that and remove the NADA style tube completely from the sump. I will make a blanking plate for the hole!


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I could go down that route but I can make a simple blanking plate and make a gasket for it. Its easier and I don't really want to take the sump off!! (Feeling too lazy and I have done enough to the car this year I think!!)
So I have tracked down and bought the correct dipstick and tube for my car, the later one with the flexible top. All good stuff except there is an adaptor screwed into the gearbox casing to allow the dipstick tube to be attached. I currently only have a fitting screwed in which has a breather attached. Not the right part!

So assuming the required adaptor will be virtually impossible to get hold of, I decided to take off the NADA filler pipe (All the oil is all out again!) to see if it was fixable.

Disassembled, the filler is made up of a pipe, a cap, and a seal which sits inside the cap:


All parts look to be in good condition. The seal was loose though and fell out of the cap. I suspect it was not seated properly and fluid was able to pass through.


So it is all cleaned and reassembled now ready to be refitted to the gearbox.... a job for the weekend and not for the feint hearted as it is filled from under the car whilst the engine is running! Then I need to refill the box and hope for the best!