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Minilite options?

Discussion in 'Rover P6 Suspension / Steering' started by GJM, May 7, 2018.

  1. GJM

    GJM Member

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to fit some kind of minilite to my late 2200TC.

    What are the options and pros cons?

    Do I need to change studs and nuts?
    14" or 15"?

    Any pictures? :)

    Thanks folks
  2. Willy Eckerslyke

    Willy Eckerslyke Well-Known Member

    Mind if I ask why?

    (I am biased having developed something of an allergic reaction to them. Being the owner of a Triumph Vitesse which were originally fitted with rather Rostyle tasty wheel trims, I've noticed that almost every other Vitesse has now been infected by Minilites to the extent that people are starting to believe they were original equipment. The thought of this happening to the P6 fills me with dread.)
  3. quattro

    quattro Well-Known Member

    I bought Sparky fitted with minilights and the first thing I did was to take them off. I don't actually like them on a P6, but also they don't do a 40mm offset which the P6 has, so it doesn't drive quite right, IMHO that is :)


    I replaced them with the 15" Vitesse wheels and found them to be much nicer, less clunky and better handling.


    PS, that's not my car btw :)
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  4. DavidWalker

    DavidWalker New Member

    What were the minilites fitted to the police P6s like? Wouldn't they have got the fitment right?
    I'd heard they were quite happy with them. They then fitted them to the SD1s which would seem to imply they were quite happy with them.

    They used the standard studs and wheel nuts when fitting minilites according to my uncle, the former met policeman.
  5. Kman1600

    Kman1600 Member


    I've been reluctant to comment as our car (definitely more Gavins these days) sports Minilites but they are not a "normal" P6 size as our car is not standard, but I think they rather suit it.

    Thanks, Tim

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  6. Gargo

    Gargo Active Member

    Hi Tim, you are the only one in this thread who has used Minilite with a capital letter! It should be noted that the company who make Minilite will provide you with the offset you specify, you may have to wait but you can have what ever size, width and offset you want. If you use minilite look a likes then you'll be stuck with what is offered.
    As for the aesthetics I agree with all the comments above; on an otherwise standard car they can look wrong, but on a lowered brown car they just look right. It helps if the car goes fast too.

    To get back on thread;
    What are the options and pros cons?
    Cons; Cost, cost, cost and cost. Add another cost if you want a spare.
    Pros; Look period, sets off a modified car, strong and stiff.

    Do I need to change studs and nuts?

    Nuts yes, nuts are provided with wheels. Studs maybe, this depends on the wheels thickness. Spec what you want.

    14" or 15"?

    Go 15" for the greater and better tyre choice.


    If you are keeping the bodywork standard then you are limited by the rear bodywork. If you are happy to cut away the C pillar and rear doors etc then you can get wider tyres in. I'm sure others will let you know what is the max width for standard bodywork and also which offset etc.

    Regards, Gavin.

    I feel better now I've tried to balance the opinions.
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  7. houseofrouse

    houseofrouse New Member

    Hi Tim

    I've put 6x14" black mini lites on my car and got a set of tyres with white wall strips (see pic) I think it works on some cars and others not...

    You'll be looking at the best part of £700 for brand new ones with bolts etc drilled with the right holes to fit straight on....
    They also take an age to come from the Minilite factory.

    Although I agree they are common I still think they look really good depending on the car colour etc...

    You'll always be able to sell them on if you changed your mind anyway!

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  8. cobraboy

    cobraboy Well-Known Member

    8 x 16 Genuine Minilite ;)
    IMG_0303 (1).JPG
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  9. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    I never saw a police P6 with Minilites, only "S" wheeltrims, and I worked on a lot of them. As for the Minilites fitted to police Sd1s I have a set of those fitted to my P6B and have never noticed any problems with it.
  10. GJM

    GJM Member

    Wow- ok, thanks for the views chaps.

    I'd agree with the above comments that they could be seen as being over used and that personally I'm not that keen of them on the P6. However- I did see them on a white P6 similar to mine recently and they just looked right, was all down to colour I think, the silver Minilite just set off the sparkling white bodywork quite nicely.

    I'm wanting to get something in the next couple of months as I'm getting the car set up for my wedding in Aug and want something to see the car off. Vitesse 15" alloys look ace and i'd jump at a set but I imagine it'd be a struggle getting hold of them.

    're Minilites I'm struggling to find anywhere that does them. JBW don't seem to.
    MGDB seems the cheapest source: http://shop.roverp6cars.com/epages/es146747.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/es146747/Products/MGBD0580
  11. cobraboy

    cobraboy Well-Known Member

  12. Demetris

    Demetris Well-Known Member

    Something like this perhaps? :cool:

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  13. GJM

    GJM Member

    Um- yes, pretty much identical to that Demetris :)

    Are they original Minilites?
  14. Demetris

    Demetris Well-Known Member

    No, they are replicas made by a company called Two Gates Wheels.
  15. GJM

    GJM Member

    So, to update - I may just have purchased a set of S1 SD1 14" rims :)

    Think the will look fab when reconditioned in silver.

    Am I right in thinking I can get suitable nuts from Wins? The ones they sell for the Vitesse wheels?
    And what would the best tyre configuration to go for?
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  16. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    To use those you would need to change the studs to SD1 Metric ones. Otherwise you need nuts of the same type with 7/16"UNF threads. Lots on here about those if you use the search function.
    Last edited: May 10, 2018
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  17. GJM

    GJM Member

    So I've checked and checked again with WinsInt. They seem pretty certain they can supply nuts for the S1 SD1 alloy to P6 stud. So that's positive.

    The only other thing is tyres.... what to fit?
    A) to keep the speedo moderately accurate
    B) something that handles better whilst fitting in the arch, I hear differing accounts of what can fit due to upper links on the 4 cylinder cars and D post etc.
    People seem to fit anything between 185, 195 and 205. In particular i've heard 205/75 fit at least on a 3500.

    Anybody got any experience with these alloys?

  18. Penguin

    Penguin Member

    we have one customer with 225/60/15s with no clearance issues and he tows a caravan with it
  19. GJM

    GJM Member

    So a super chap from eBay delivered 5x series 1 SD1 alloys on Sunday. I've now dropped these off to be done in silver at a local body shop. I've ordered a set of nuts from WinsInt that I'm assured fit the sd1 rims to the P6. Next up is finding some suitable tyres for the 14x6.

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  20. GJM

    GJM Member


    So I got the S1 SD1 wheels restored in silver. 14" x6

    Still not sure what tyres to fit. Opinions range from 185, 195 and 205. I'm wanting a bit more grip than standard but want to avoid rubbing and a wildly inaccurate speedo.

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