low emission zone, does it apply to P6s?


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Oh this is fun. I live abroad. My number plate is owned by me, not the car so it appears on my 1970 P6 and on my 2015 VW Jetta.

This is common practice in other European countries too.


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I am totally confused now lol
The LEZ that they brought out only applied to Diesel Vans and Lorries Not Cars It had nothing to do with being Tax exempt it was for Old Vans and trucks diesel 3.5 ton and above, you had to have at least a Euro 4 engine to come into the zone in a Van without charge, some older trucks had to have a very expensive cat fitted as well.
The new ULEZ is something different
they brought in along the same lines but now effects cars and no the P6 is not exempt from paying this even if it is tax exempt it’s due to emissions.
It’s just another way of extorting money out of the public
When I checked mine just now it said that it was exempt, with a note that added although it doesn't meet emission requirements it was exempt due to age. It is taxed as Historic.
then apply for 'free tax' annually and you can fined for not taxing it, even though it's free.
This words it better, I suppose it is so the Gov knows how many cars there are, on the road and off them. Hence the need to register it, even if the Duty (not tax) is nil. The reply was to someone who got fined for not renewing their (nil) licence.

"The confusion is the word 'tax'. It will be for failing to renew the Vehicle Licence, for which Vehicle Excise Duty may, or (as in your case) my not be due."
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nah this thread is descending into a french farce overtones that would be proudly featured in 'Allo 'Allo!
basically what this amounts to is watch out for the signs

when I got near to the zone on the A1 I saw a huge massive great sign showing a whopping U turn indicating basically "go back the way you came!" for anyone who did not wish to enter the LEZ . it literally showed a 180º turn as the only option



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Sorry it looks like I was wrong they are exempt, my car is tax exempt and correctly registered as such but there website said I need to pay :mad:
Your Right Harvey £200 per day for a Truck its cost business owners a fortune


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This reminds me of when I was out of the country and received a SORN for my car, The car at the time had been off the road for years and for years I had never missed a SORN, I received an £80 fine for not declaring SORN even though the car is Tax Exempt anyway its strange how you can be fined now for doing nothing.
They've changed the rules now. A SORN is now valid indefinitely until the car is scrapped or taxed. As I said earlier i suspect it's so the Gov can keep track of vehicles, also remember that not all road users or car owners are as honest as us so the Police need to have access to a reliable database!
With the MoT exemption & continuous insurance there's no reason to have an historic vehicle on SORN now. I taxed the Denovo V8 last week straight off of more years away from the road than l care to remember. Logbook off to have the tax class changed to historic & a box-ticking exercise for test exemption. Not quite roadworthy just yet & I will have her tested, it's the sensible thing to do.
I'll be taxing the other three SORN-ees soon.