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Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.....

I have actually seen Ford Capris made into AM lookalikes, that look a lot better than that. That one would need tinted glass so no one could see me driving it :oops:
Aston partin.jpg


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One of these owned by a mate was daily transport for us to many building sites around East Anglia. Four and sometimes five blokes and all our tools !
We worked on the flightline at RAF Mildenhall on one job and to get on there the whole car had to be tipped out under armed guard to be inspected, was worth it though as on one day the SR71 Blackbird taxied by and then took off, the ground shook ! Happy days.
I cant see the resemblance to anything "Aston martin", just a kit car with a little engine.
Would suit an 18 yr old boy racer before he realized that real machines are available , like the Rover p6B? :rolleyes: