Hello Just joined (Rover White rattle can colour code)

Hello Rovers......Just joined because I'm trying to find a paint colour code!
I'm restoring my Dad's classic car but can't find paint!
I had narrowed it down 15 years ago and was buying 'Rover White' rattle cans from Halfords.... but they no longer stock it
Does anyone know what code they will have been?.... I have narrowed it I think to NAL/1218, NNG or NND/908..... but possibly old english white (NNX1205)


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If you have a part of your car at the correct colour you may be able to get it matched down at Sheffield Refinishing Supplies.

Or, if you let us know what year and model it is, we may have a better chance of pinning it down - Colours

Thanks... yes I have been thinking along those lines.... but only need a couple of cans.

The car is an AC and my grandad had it totally resprayed in the early 70's but we have no idea what colour! So 15 years back I did some restoration and matched the Halfords 'Rover White' as very close..... they no longer stock any Rover White! I will try Halfords for advice... but ended up chatting to someone (described as an expert!) with no idea... probably in India! they suggested VW Alpine White!