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I like a P100. A mate of mine has a Mk3 bakkie with a 2•8 V6 and auto box, and years back I worked with a bloke who had a p100S fitted with a rover v8
A favourite trick in SA was fitting the V8 Ford donks to the old Cortina pickups.
Made them hop, but they never had much inspiration in the handling department, even with the 3L V6 in them, the V8s must have been scary.
Lots of oddball (to UK eyes) combinations in SA, usually big engines in small cars, 2•6 litre E series six pots in marinas spring to mind, (I bet they handled well....), and was it a Perana, a Capri with a V8? Plus all the aforementioned P100s.
Lots of oddball (to UK eyes) combinations in SA, usually big engines in small cars, 2•6 litre E series six pots in marinas spring to mind, (I bet they handled well....), and was it a Perana, a Capri with a V8? Plus all the aforementioned P100s.
Yes, Basil Green Perana V8 Capri were hot ships.
We also did the XR8 Sierra and 3 liter Alfa GTV6 among others..

The 6 pot Marinas were uniquely us, too.
That same engine ended up in our Military Land Rovers, called the R6.
Suggestion for additional unique vehicles which actually existed and were raced.
These vehicles were South African only homologation specials with extremely limited production runs to comply with the regulations to participate in races. It would be nice to see them added to the game and take these iconic vehicles round the iconic Kyalami race track where they dominated racing in the 80’s.
List of vehicles:

  1. Opel Kadette 2.0l 16V Superboss ( The Opel Kadett Superboss Legend Lives On - Speedhunters 4 )
  2. BMW 325iS EVO II GUSHESHE ( Alpina-Archive | 325iS 7 )
  3. BMW 333i ( 333i: South Africa’s Answer To The E30 M3 - Speedhunters 5 )
  4. Alfa GTV 6 3.0l ( 3 )
  5. Ford Sierra XR8 ( The Ford Sierra XR8 was a ‘real muscle car’ from South Africa, built to beat Alfa and BMW | Hagerty UK 8 )
  6. BMW 745i E23 ( The Story of the South African BMW 745i, the M7 You Never Knew Existed - autoevolution 5 )
  7. Ford Capri Perana V8 ( Perana: The Ford Capri With V8 Bite - Speedhunters 6 )
  8. Chevrolet Firenza Can-Am ( The Chevrolet Firenza Can-Am Is A Tiny Muscle Car With A Z28 Heart | News | CarThrottle 6 )
When I had my Mustang a guy used to pop up on the forum with a Gunston Perana rep, I would have quite happily given a kidney to own it.
Gearbox problems? firstly engine runs perfectly after rebuild, auto box seemed ok when on stands, wheels spin in D & R. When on the deck though D, 1 & 2 are engaging as they should but in R you feel an RPM drop as it engages as you should but there is a lack of actual drive from R ie feels like slipping. The box was rebuilt by myself including new brake bands and clutches and this is its first running so assume an assembly issue. I have now double checked the following 1: ATF type and level, 2: checked rear brake band adjusting screw setting.
Next check will be 1: rear solenoid piston seal & action (might fit a port on the back of the solenoid and do an actual fluid pressure test when R is engaged), 2: drop sump and check pips are correctly installed. after that it will be box out unfortunately. So any ideas out there for pointers would be helpful. thanks
The fluid pressure port will only tell you the line pressure, it won't help diagnosing individual faults. Engaging gears with the wheels free to spin won't help you either, unless you can hold them on the brakes and do a stall test. And even then that won't tell you if you have a rear clutch fault, so if it is a REVERSE only fault you won't know if it's the rear clutch or the rear band causing it. You need to do a road-test, initially checking for engine braking in "1"
Re no reverse issue: Took the box to the Bourg warner doctors in the end. They found an issue with the three metal rings that seal the rear clutch shaft. leaking by and not allowing clutch piston to pressurise. the ones found fitted were different! and damaged when fitted, Now all back together and it all works fine now.
Next items, bonnet to spray and assemble, panels to fit.
I took a pic on the DVLA site when i taxed this car (for free) it showed its last tax disc expired in December 1984?


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Got a bit side tracked on my project, (it was raining for a few days) decided to play around and make a mesh grill. looks OK but now going to rework the valence a bit, once i have sourced a spare so i can revert to original as and when. Also changing the bumper and making my own with 50 mm SS tube + square number plate mounted under head lights. Then i will probably decide i don't like it and put all the original kit back on!


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