Fuel pump for a 2200 engined P6

All cars had glass domes until roughly 1969, when a slightly higher pressure pump (to deal with the added return line to the fuel tank for emissions) was specified for NADA cars. That pump had a metal dome.

Same pump as a David brown 990 tractor. About £30 new on eBay.
I will add that one to my parts cross reference. I noticed at the website as the fuel pump that they run 172 degree thermostat in those tractors, almost identical to the original Rover spec of 170 for a Rover 2000. I will add that to my parts cross reference as well.

K200831 - Thermostat (172 degrees) for Case / Case IH and International Harvester Industrial/Construction and Tractors | Up to 60% off Dealer Prices | TractorJoe.com
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