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Years ago I bought a heavily modified 50 model, and drove it all over southern Oz and Tassy. Had a 90 grille, a P3 gearbox with floor change and home made fibre glass cover, overdrive, and either a 105S or even a 3Litre engine. The brakes had been uprated to the later twin trailing shoe drums, which were excellent - easy to service or overhaul, just need a good booster .

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I take it your old booster is not working? or the car didn't have one? Where are you located I have a few boosters?
Sorry, I was just noting that the trailing shoe systems needed a good booster to work well, not that I needed one. Would be useful if I could put on my avatar that I am in Oz.
Would be useful if I could put on my avatar that I am in Oz.

Hi, If you, or anyone else, hovers the cursor over you avatar it shows some of your details. Or you can go to your account and put in a suitable signature line to that effect.

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Location is not a field in my data, and I think it should be - apart from me NOT being in UK, we have members in USA and Oz, and Europe, but you have to deduce this from something in their posts. A free area in a members sig could be used for any data they feel relevant.
jp Melb, Oz
You can, as Colin says, just put a line in your signature. I've just done it to demonstrate.

I wouldn't want to put the location of everyone on their avatar, as a lot of people like their privacy and may not like it, just as a lot of people don't have their date of birth on their profiles.