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I am looking for a supplier of engine parts.
At the moment, I need mains, big ends, thrust washers and the top gasket set.

Does anyone know of a supplier in the UK as my South African enquiries have turned up absolutley nobody interested in helping me.


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Real Steel
Real Steel

Can be abrupt and unhelpful on the telephone, but have the parts. I think they get snowed under with calls for - how do I do this ? but if you go through their web pages on Rover and write down all their part numbers before you call they are fine.
As you've probably found out, P4 engine bits are expensive. John Wearing is my first stop, I usually check the prices on his website then shop around to try to beat them, which I often can't.
They do turn up on ebay - I managed to find a few NOS exhaust rockers for a very good price. And it's worth checking Land Rover parts places as quite a few parts are shared with the 6cyl series Land Rover.

After a tip, I got a good price on main bearings from King Components, Liverpool. 0151 524 2744. So they're worth a try

I've bought quite a few engine parts for the P4 (and P6) from Pierre Janusz who trades on ebay as voking2000.
Rover Parts Services | eBay Stores

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Thanks for the responses!
This is an engine that was partially stripped down for a bottom end rebuild and then stood in the corner for a few years. I was talked into doing the job to finish it because the owner wants to get the car back on the road again.

The local Rover 6 pot market in South Africa is almost exclusively Land Rover with the 2.6 side/overhead valve saloon engines and the later engne as used in the SD1 and Marina, so that's as far as spares holding goes.

Unfortunately, I am at work in Myanmar right now, so the engine number and measurements I took are all at home and presently unobtanium.
There were a few variations of that engine so the first thing to do is identify which one it is. The closest to Land Rover spec the better as far as parts availability goes. The jury seems to be out on whether the engine used in the P4 100 is identical to the Land Rover 2.6. Some people say it's exactly the same but I've heard others insisting there are differences though not specifying what they are.

I'm (slowly) rebuilding a 1961 100 engine to go into my 1958 90 which has an earlier 75 engine of 2103cc fitted.
My 100 engine must be fairly low mileage which is where it gets expensive. It doesn't really need a rebore (just a hone) or to have the crank reground so I'm buying standard sized bearings and piston rings which are in very short supply whereas +0020 main bearing shells, for example, are more plentiful.
One change was to roller cam followers somewhere around 1960. My replacement 100 engine has them while the earlier 100 didn't.
They also moved from 5 bearing to 7 bearing crankshafts.
I assume these changes covered both the car and Land Rover engines. In this regard, later suffix should make things easier for you.

Then the 110 had a Weslake cylinder head raising the compression ratio (I think) and increasing the power output. But I suspect the block stayed the same.

These pages have some handy info:
Rover P4 engine
Oh nice! That's the ultimate manifestation of the engine. I'm sure it'll still share some parts but identifying which could take some detective work. Eg. timing chain part no. 266662 appears to be common to 2.6 and 3.0.
the Landy sixes were sold into the early eighties. The late seventies ones had some modern features added like electronic distributor and thermatic fans. er generally bottom end bearings are replaced with undersize ones, as the pins get smaller when they are reground...I have quite few parts for 3 litre and 2.6 engines nothing terribly big though. PM me with what you want.

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I actually managed to locate a set of +10 big ends and +20 mains and had the crank ground to suit.
The 2 sets of bearings were around a third of the price I had found online to that point, so well chuffed with that result.

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The jury seems to be out on whether the engine used in the P4 100 is identical to the Land Rover 2.6. Some people say it's exactly the same but I've heard others insisting there are differences though not specifying what they are.
Happy thread revival....
The jury is not wrong... the engine I am working on is minus the main bearing cap bolts as well as the big end nuts, among other things, so I whipped samples off a Landy Series 1 2liter engine I am working on for sampleas, and.... they don't match.
The Landy engine main cap bolts are coarse thread, as are the big end cap studs, and the 3 liter engine's are both fine pitch... BUT... the 3 liter IS NOT UNF...and it certainly isn't Metric, which leaves me with Whitworth as a final choice... o_OBUGGER!!!

This morning's jaunt into town was hilarious, the bloke tasked with supplying me with one each 5/16'' and 3/8'' UNF nuts for testing was getting very cranky when I refused to agree with him that 5/16 was 8mm or that 3/8 was "around 10mm"...:rolleyes: I can't wait to see his reaction when I arrive looking for Whitowrth stuff tomorrow....:eek::D

Back to the 2.6 engine, the P5 head gasket is identical to the Series 3 2.6 engine, bore is 3.063'' for all P5 and the Landy engines.
Crankshaft journals on the MkIII 3liter are bigger than the earlier MkI & II, however. MkI and II suffix A & B are 2.250'' and MkII suffix C on and MkIII are 2.625''. Big ends/crankpin are 1 7/8'' diameter.
Landy Series 3 109'' engines are 2.624'' mains and 1 7/8'' big end, so same as the later P5 engines.

I don't have P4 specs to hand as a comparison, sorry.