Demetris: 1970 2000 TC


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A fine collection there :) Fantastic. Great to see the ds and the p6 side by side. You can see how much the ds inspired the rover....
Great cars. Whilst the inspiration for the P6 from the DS is obvious, I hadn't noticed how the rear window cowling on the Triumph mirrors the DS too until now.

The P6 looks really nice on those wheels as well.

clive P62

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They are great pics
i remember speaking to the late david bache in the early 1990s when he was at a rover show
about the DS being similar to p6,he would not comment!
I used to work on DS when they used to come to our dealer and they do come apart just like the p6 on the body work side



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Thanks for the comments, to honest the light that day made us favours, being almost ideal for photography. However, the cars weren't exactly shiny clean, as we had to drive through wet roads that day. I made sure though that i choose the angles that look best on a P6. :wink:

Indeed, it is no secret that the DS inspired at a certain degree the P6 design. Rover even tried to have frameless windows like the DS in some prototypes, but they abandoned the idea because they could not make them seal successfully. It is also true that DS panels unbolt like the ones on the P6, but the roof in the DS is actually plastic, and it is bonded on the base unit.


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Last Sunday we arranged a gathering and a drive along some scenic routes with friends.

Some of us met in a service station of Egnatia near Grevena.

After a quick coffee, we were off to Metsovo using some interesting B roads.

Upon arrival, we parked in the center of the village, where we met another team, mainly with minis and beetles.

After a long lunch, we hit the road again to make the tour of a small local lake, and the have the opportunity for the last photo session of the day.



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At that altitude? Did you see the poles that mark the edge of the road? During winter snow can get that high, that's what they are for. It was generaly a sunny day, less so in the afternoon, but cruising with the windows rolled down was only just bearable. No use of the A/C that day! :cool:


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Hi Gary,
this is what it looks like in its current form.

The initial vents looked sort of OK, but in practise they were somewhat restrictive, while when the system had to run at full blast they sent the cold air straight at the back. The result was that i had rear seat passengers that complained about too much cold (or maybe not enough fortitude? :D ) while it wasn't enough cool at the front. So i cobbled up what you see in the photos, using a couple of Range Rover vents that are designed to difuse the air much more better, and a couple from Austin Morris cars that can feed the rear compartment if needed. I haven't yet tested the latest set up in demanding conditions (it is not my everyday car anymore) but i feel that this is a significant improvement.
However, i have still further plans for the future. I am not totaly happy with the recycling nature of the system, so i am planing to modify / extend a standar heater box to include the evaporator, along with a more efficient fan. This will have the added bonus of the return of the (almost...) standard interior. But this won't happen anytime soon, so in the meantime i satisfy myself with small victories, like the driver's floor mat restraints. A seemingly simple solution to a problem that bothered me for years! :p
I did lots of planning on altering a standard heater box to take an additional core for air con but was always defeated by the fact that there is no recycled air facility in the heater system. The air always come from outside. The
NADA air con is essentially the reverse, it runs normally on recycled air and even withthe flap fully open only admiting a small percentage of fresh air as there is a tortuous path for the air to get from the inlet, across the unit and around and down past the fan and the tubes and wiring before it gets to go into the fan inlet...Which is a special arrangement via an additional hole in the fire wall.
NADA air con is my next job after the rear brakes and diff ratio change, oh and switches for the power windows and and and and etc....