Buying a non Rover rare classic


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Morning everyone,
Can anybody vouch for Anthony Barrett/Barnfind Specialist?
I’m trying to do a deal on a car unseen and delivered, obviously the current restrictions make things more open to scamming and I’m being careful not to send a deposit to somebody without knowing it’s legit.
Any dealings or advice?


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Never heard of him, but he seems to have a decent looking website.

As with anything, it's buyer beware.

I have noticed that a lot of banks have the verify function when transferring money these days, so if the account name doesn't match, then your app should tell you.


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I've never heard of the fellow, and can't claim to know anything about finding old cars in barns, or restoring Bentleys. Having just read a portion of his website detailing his exploits learning about Bentley restoration, I can only say he seems like a decent fellow. Doesn't strike me as a dishonest sort of person. On the contrary, my impression is that he is 'one of the good guys'.


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Yes that was both my initial thoughts, and could well be fine, however there’s been of couple of red flags since then. He asked for a large deposit, over half the total, and initially asked for it to be paid to another account..which I declined, then sent business account details this morning. I’ve since said I’d be a lot more comfortable with a smaller deposit and the rest on delivery, but has said no thanks he’ll keep it.
So either I’ve dodged a bullet or missed out, who knows


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Despite the aggravation involved to you I think the only way to purchase a vehicle involving a large sum of money is to be there, stood in front of it, with all the paperwork in view.
I made such a purchase last year and would not transfer any money until I was with the item. It was a nightmare with the bank, involved setting up extra accounts to be able to make the transfer. It was all planned during the week before, but still took 4 hours on the day due to the bank blocking the transactions. The seller was understanding, in the end he sold, I bought, no one got burned.


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Hi, A red flag for me is the contact details, I was under the impression that websites had to have a physical address and number under contact details. He seems to be a hotmail address and a mobile phone. I'm with cobraboy, something like this needs to be on a face to face basis for an appraisal of the vehicle and the vendor. I would sooner miss out on the vehicle than lose the money.



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I bought Sparky from ebay, sight unseen. Some of the claims weren't accurate, 'never been welded,' and 'rust free' being two of them.

Saying that I knew it was risk, and seeing what I was getting just from the pictures, I was happy to bid on it to a set limit. I didn't pay any deposit though, I just got a train down there, with a wad of cash in my pocket.

I think if you accept that you're not going to get quite what the buyer claims, you should be ok.

Bit more difficult if he's going to deliver it though. I can understand that he doesn't want to ship it to you for you to refuse it or try to do a deal when he gets there.

Difficult one that.


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There’s certainly risk on both sides, made worse by the current restrictions of course.
The car is in no uncertain terms a full restoration project, and he’s been forthcoming about its condition. That coupled with the supplied photos made it seem a good investment vehicle for my new business.
I had presumed a lot of potential buyers had been put off by the amount of metalwork necessary but perhaps it was other reasons after all.

I’ve not seen a physical address either, and as soon as we were talking money things took a turn.

Oh well, plenty more Fiats in the sea


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Hi, I stand corrected, there is a physical address at the bottom of his ebay listing, which I found after googling the mobile number.