Busy Day - Brakes Alternator - arrgh!

Well absolutely knackered!

Fitted New servo and front calipers on the V8 (not bled them yet - thats for tommorrow)

And then changed the alternator on the 2000TC - arrgh - I will be the first to admit that I am no mechanic, and so maybe someone who has a clue would have found this easy - however - my impression is that only someone with infant size hands can get at all the bolts!.

I had bought an alternator on ebay (for an MG (NEW) that looked as if it would fit - after taking the old one off (several hours and scuffed fingers) compared the two cases - perfect match - struggled to fit the damned tbhing to find that the pulleys didnt line up!! So more blood and swearing to take it off again. Swapped the pulley from the old one (nut rusted solid!) with the aid of a vice and a very long handled socket bar.

Then refitted - and I am still just about sane. Yes I know - Some of you experts can do it in 5 mins!! But Im pleased with myself!!


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Well done that man!! :D
Its miles better doing what you can yourself,where theres a will theres a way,Very satisfying!! and its saved you quite a few quid!!
Being able to think outside the box is a pre-requisite to classic ownership.
Ive got bent and sawn off spanners etc,and some home made thingamies,for all sorts of tight spots!!
And you cant really be sane,none of us are :p as you have a small fleet of classics :p


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2000/2200 alternator swaps are not particularly easy, access is a bit restricted compared to a V8, but the trick is to take all of the bracket assy off the engine then swap over on the bench then re-fit.