Bonnet release


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Yes, it is a Range Rover, but the bonnet lock is clearly a P6 part.
Now, my (rhetorical...) question is: why when you have such an easy access to the lock pull lever, you spend your time unbolting the lock itself?


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Because, as nice as Edd China appears to be, a lot of the time he performs like a cow with a gun.....

I've seen him struggling to replace steering joints, but he will leave the wheel on, so that he has to work around that all the time.


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I am just watching Edd working on a P5, and someone has made him some exhaust manifolds. The flanges are so far away from a flat plain, I very much doubt that they will ever fit, but in the very next scene, they are on the car :)


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I avoid to judge other people's work, after all i am not competent enough, but watching these 2 videos on the Range Rover made me rather upset.
I don't mind someone being clumsy, even like a cow with a gun, but in these 2 videos the stupidity meter went off-scale.
What about the "experiment" with the 2 glasses containing (supposedly...) stale and fresh petrol to show that they ignite and burn-off differently. :eek:

Tom W

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I’m a fan of Edd China’s stuff, but I did wonder what he was doing with that bonnet release. From what I remember, the latch mounts from beneath, so even if the bolts do come undone, then the you still can’t open the bonnet without separating the latch from the pin as the latch won’t pass through the hole in the slam panel.


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Ant Anstead built DBR1 recreations, badly. Then thought he could build DB4 Zagato recreations by cutting up and shortening DB4s, that was until Aston's lawyers closed him down, thankfully.

Phil Robson

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Dare I say it, but I liked Ant on Wheeler Dealers :eek: & I thought the chemistry with Mike was genuine rather than being a bit forced with Edd. That made it a bit of fun to watch, too (like the old Top Gear). ;)