2000TC coil input 30v

No start despite. good cranking speed.
No spark with spare plug directly connected. to HT output lead.
The coil has 30v to +ve terminal when ignition turned on. --> measured against negative earth.
The voltage between +ve and -ve wires pulled from coil is only three volts.
The coil resistance is about 2.5 ohms -->. this seems reasonable

Next steps? Want to order new coil but no idea which one. The item fitted is unmarked.
Ign on and disconnected from the coil the two +ve wires should read 7 to 9 volts for oneand zero volts to ground for the other. The wire from the dizzy (-ve) should read zero to ground when not connected to coil. Nothing is 30 volts. Try spark plug test on coil high tension output lead and tap coil -ve low tension to earth, plug should spark when tapped. Don't use anything in the fuel system for earth. Ground is clean unpainted metal on motor or body but also check the resistance between engine and body; it should be zero but if the earth strap is loose it may read something - and need fixing.
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