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1972 P6 2000

Discussion in 'Members Projects' started by BobTaylor, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. BobTaylor

    BobTaylor Member

    I have already posted quite a few questions about brakes, ignition warning light etc and am slowly working my way through the problems.
    My car starts and drives and has an MOT but it has hardly been used for the last 7 years apart from trips to the MOT !!
    As a matter of routine I have started on routine servicing, changed oil and filter today and air filter. The gear change was not too smooth and so decided to start with the easy bit and change the gearbox oil. It should have 1 and 3/4 pints. I drained the oil when it was warm and let it drip for 30 mins, after which time I had drained the grand total of 3/4 of a pint !!
    It has made quite a difference have clean oil and the correct amount.
    Tomorrow I am going to tackle new rear discs and pads.

    I know lots of you like pics so I will post a couple in the next day to two. Nothing to get too excited about though, it is just a standard 2000.
  2. Richard Zahra

    Richard Zahra Member

    Remember that the gearbox takes engine oil not gear oil.
  3. BobTaylor

    BobTaylor Member

    Thanks, I used classic 20/50.
  4. BobTaylor

    BobTaylor Member

    I have posted some pics of my car, don't get too excited it is a bog standard 2000.
    STP83801.JPG STP83805.JPG STP83800.JPG STP83804.JPG STP83801.JPG
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  5. BobTaylor

    BobTaylor Member

    By the way as you can see the sills are black, is this normal or should they be the same as the body colour?
  6. PeterZRH

    PeterZRH Well-Known Member

    Standard on S2 cars. Lower part of the front wing should continue the line too.
  7. Willy Eckerslyke

    Willy Eckerslyke Well-Known Member

    Some of us like bog standard 2000s.
    And that's a nice a one as we could hope for.
  8. cobraboy

    cobraboy Active Member

    What a belter !
  9. BobTaylor

    BobTaylor Member

    Thanks for the positive comments. I was looking for a 3500 or a TC, but this came along with a load of spares and it was too good to miss. I have sorted out all the minor niggles now and it drives like a different car from 2 weeks ago.
  10. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    Anyone who was able to buy that car when it was new was doing pretty well for themselves and the same applies now. Even back then the V8 was out of most people's reach even if they did want one, which not everybody did, especially when petrol prices took a real hike about 3 years later.
  11. Johnny E

    Johnny E Member

    Agreed. I have a bog standard 2000 too, although a Series 1 version. And this one looks cracking!
  12. Telford81

    Telford81 New Member

    That's a really lovely car. I hope you enjoy getting it back into regular use and enjoying it. Is it Corsica Blue with Sandalwood?
  13. BobTaylor

    BobTaylor Member

    Thanks, yes you are right about the colour and trim. The seats are a bit tired but apart from the cost I don't really want new ones so I am going to try and revive them.
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  14. Ulrich

    Ulrich Member

    An extremely nice motor, in (in my opinion) one of the best colours. I really like the 'bog standard' 2000s (just bought one myself) for these reasons: 1) not so juicy as its sportier brethren; 2) one carb means (in theory) half as many carb problems; 3) better engine accessibility. And when it comes to it, how fast does one really want to go? Adequate performance is...adequate!
  15. Aqualung

    Aqualung New Member

    That's a fine looking car and in a nice colour, at the end of the day it's a P6 and that's enough to get excited about.
  16. Phil Robson

    Phil Robson Well-Known Member

    Very nice :)

    I too have a 2000 & it goes remarkably well - easily nippy enough for enjoying as a daily driver.
  17. Ulrich

    Ulrich Member

    Agreed Phil, they won't win many races, but there again I don't enter many races. In fact, I don't enter any.
  18. BobTaylor

    BobTaylor Member

    Hello all. I have got hold of a set of rostyle wheels for my P6, that are 15" to which I have fitted 185x65 tyres. At the moment they are just fitted with the original wheel nuts, does anyone know where I can buy the correct nuts for restyles wheels and also the wheel enters. I believe that the P6 and P5B well enters are different, but the wheel nuts are the same? Is that right?
  19. Tom W

    Tom W Member

    That looks very smart
  20. BobTaylor

    BobTaylor Member

    A couple of recent pics showing the new steering wheel and the restyle wheels. Just needs some new wheel nuts and centres!! STP84003.JPG STP84005.JPG STP84007.JPG

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