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1965 Rover 2000 "resto" mod.

Discussion in 'Members Projects' started by Popuptoaster, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. Popuptoaster

    Popuptoaster New Member

    I haven't had a chance to take any photos of the car just yet but i guess you all know what a stock P6 looks like! I'll post the photos from the Ebay advert and then add pics of jobs as they get done.

    I want to update the car without losing it's character so I'll be trying to leave the body and interior fairly standard, with period mods or with modern ideas that fit (in my opinion anyway and it's my car s that's all that matters. ;) ).

    Provisional plans so far include:
    larger brakes,
    better damping,
    a mild 2" or so suspension drop,
    thicker front ARB,
    Jag diff with LSD,
    Volvo redblock 2.3 turbo and matching gearbox.

    Subject to change I hope to get started in a couple of months, currently looking for a workshop local to me to do the work in.

    These are the pics from the Ebay ad. :)




  2. Demetris

    Demetris Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome to the forum.
    There's nothing wrong with your plans, but, to be honest with you, when i saw the photos of your car, and read about your modifications, you broke my heart.
    You see, a 1965 one is among the earliest examples, with all sorts of little and big differences in comparison with the later cars, and these days something of a very rare find in unmolested condition like yours. Since you are new to P6 world, this might be another stock P6 for you, as you say, but in reality this is far from truth.
    I understand that at the end of the day it is your car, but i thought it might be better if i could try to give you some more info about P6s.
    I don't have anything against modifications, i have done a fair share in my P6, i just think that some examples should be kept as is, both for value and historic reasons.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2017
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  3. Popuptoaster

    Popuptoaster New Member

    I'm sure hot rodders hear the same thing quite often, the way I look at it is it'll be another car on the road rather than decomposing in some lock up.

    Not that I want to ruffle any feathers or anything but I bought it off Ebay, if it was that rare and desirable I'm sure it would have been snapped up by someone else for preservation.

    If it's that much of an issue for preservationists I'm happy to swap it for a later one in equal condition as I'm not emotionally attached to it, but I don't want one with the V8 front end or bonnet and I want the red leather interior.

    So the offer is there, nothing much will happen to this for a couple of months.
  4. PeterZRH

    PeterZRH Well-Known Member

    Do the ARB definitely. In fact everyone who uses a P6 in 2016 should do this, it really is all gain with no downside in normal driving conditions and it's invisible.

    The unconventional design of the P6 makes all those other mods you plan far more difficult than other RWD vehicles of the period. There are long threads on both lowering the suspension and fitting an LSD. The geometry of the front makes lowering without surgery on the struts problematic and lack of space makes Jaguar LSDs tricky (although this will likely be pretty much essential with that engine). Both have been done. Read and talk to those who've done this.
  5. Popuptoaster

    Popuptoaster New Member

    I have been checking things out on the forum for a while, seems to be all fairly doable and I have a few mates who build race cars from the ground up, road, rally and drag racers so I have the experience you lot have plus my buddies to call on for things like suspension mods.

    Not that I'm going to go mad with it, just want it a bit more sure footed so it's usable with extra power I have owned 200bhp Cortinas and stuff so I'm not a novice. :)
  6. PeterZRH

    PeterZRH Well-Known Member

    200bhp Cortina sounds fun... Tuned RWD Fords are really such an endless source of fascination. I obviously know nothing of your skills, it's just I get the impression that everything is awkward and the results sometimes a bit mixed. The P6 character is really quite relaxed and "civilized" perhaps what you end up with is simply a bit schizophrenic in character.
  7. Popuptoaster

    Popuptoaster New Member

    Civilised is what I'm after to be honest, one of the reasons for choosing a turbo motor is that off boost it'll be "normal", the P6 in its day though was fast as well as luxurious so I'm just updating it a bit. The Volvo lumps will push 200bhp with just a boost controller added but still stay reliable and drivable and there's plenty of potential left in the motor if i want it.
  8. chrisw

    chrisw Well-Known Member

    I totally agree. There aren't that many early cars left now, and to turn one into a hot rod makes me sad. Better to go for one of the generic rot boxes out there, than to "modify" it in that way.
  9. Popuptoaster

    Popuptoaster New Member

    As I said, if its that rare and someone wants to "rescue" it that's fine by me, I'll swap it on a later one in the same condition. I refuse to start with a rot box though, that just adds time and money to a project.
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  10. Phil Robson

    Phil Robson Well-Known Member

    You can't say fairer than that! I'm a big fan of the early cars, but this car was advertised on one of the most open markets in the world & no-one else bought it...

    Incidentally, when I was approached by the owner of my '64 car, I did advertise it to others who didn't want to take it on (Ok it was a mess :D). However, thirteen years on, I'm glad no-one came forward!!
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  11. joseph wilson

    joseph wilson Member

    ill swap you for a 1974 3500 auto with 28000 miles on the clock currently in the middle of restoration, not a bit of rust on the base unit :)
  12. Popuptoaster

    Popuptoaster New Member

    Sorry, don't like the V8 front end or bonnet and would like a running, pre '73 car, cheers though.
  13. Demetris

    Demetris Well-Known Member

    FYI a series 1 V8 bonnet and grille (that looks like a series 1 4 cyl anyway) can be retrofitted to a series 2 car.
  14. Popuptoaster

    Popuptoaster New Member

    Its the big scoop in the valance and bumper in the wrong place I also don't like that is more of an issue, I'm sure they too can be changed but i don't want to have to do it, bought this one as it requires very little doing to the bodywork. Also (before it becomes an issue) don't want a boot lid with a hole in it.

    Pre'73 thing isn't important, (pre '75 instead!) didn't realise they changed the law regarding black and silver plates back in 2015.
  15. Popuptoaster

    Popuptoaster New Member

    Small update, decided to get her up and running for the summer, probably take her off the road and start mods when the weather closes in again.

    Checked her over for her MOT, replaced one headlight fitted a sidelight bulb,

    Bought tyres as hers are all old and cracked,

    Needs one steel brake pipe replaced as well then should pass.
  16. Popuptoaster

    Popuptoaster New Member

    She passed MOT, ready for the road again now. I'm off work next week so I'll get some of the little jobs done like changing back to the proper wiper blades and fixing the passenger window winder etc, hopefully just get some driving done too. :)
  17. Willy Eckerslyke

    Willy Eckerslyke Well-Known Member

    That's good news, well done. Now the emotional attachment can begin!
  18. Thijs Leuven

    Thijs Leuven Member

  19. Popuptoaster

    Popuptoaster New Member

    Done about 2oo miles in her so far, steering is a little more vague than I'd like and although she does drive very well indeed she isn't fast enough for me so she will get some upgrades. Got a couple of seized up windows to sort out, drivers one works but the others are stuck or stiff, probably gummed up with old grease I guess. Drivers seat has collapsed a bit and will need sorting out and there are some tatty bits to tidy up, cracked dash top for example.

    Overall though very pleased, starts really well and seems healthy, is a very nice drive, could easily use her everyday so She'll get some use over the summer and some mods over the winter, i'll take some vids of her starting up and running before i take the engine out in case someone on here wants it.
  20. The Rovering Member

    The Rovering Member Well-Known Member

    Shame to modify her as has already been said but you've made the offer you have so that's fair enough.

    I'm sure somebody will take the engine off your hands.

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