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    HOW MUCH!!! Prototype V8?

    I like the peppermint green one he has for sale, but clearly he deals with rollers, bentleys, astons etc and prices the rovers acordingly
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    Window rubbers

    I got from wadhams, floppy ones have to cut, the original i took out i cut most of the rubber off then used a bl9w torch to burn of the remainder, a quick wash and you have an original metal strip to use to bond your new rubber to.
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    P6 Rear Quarter sound deadening material replacement

    Flashband | Waterproofing | Bostik I used this, inside doors, rear wings, ive used it all around the rear suspension turrets on my old focus, cheap as chips, get it from screwfix or diy stores, bitumous, self adhesive, foiled, quietened my focus well
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    P4 80

    Use 20/50 motor oil not ep80/90
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    Half door skin

    Hi all, im doing a front half door skin and got a wadhams panel, just need to ask do you leave the piece of angle which comes spot welded to the panel in place when you weld it in or remove it? Thanks, rich
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    I fitted a small water filter at the gun which sorted that problem for me
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    Door to door seals

    The picture shows the door to door and wing to door seal from wadhams against the original, the new one is wider so the front door catches the seal on the front of the rear door as it closes, is there a better seal available or a work around this please, rich
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    Ignition system

    38 degrees +/- 4 degrees
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    Back after not being on here for years

    Nice to see you back gar, your car is looking good, only just returned myself, starting to restore my p6 now, cheers rich
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    Power spark distributor with electroninic ignition

    I think tony has purchased the complete power spark distributor, ive fitted one to my mgb but havent road tested it yet, easy to fit, just need to use a strobe to set timing, recommended by practical classics i think
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    p6 rpi video ,anyone here?

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    Replacing vinyl

    Auto Seat Vinyl - Martrim Car Trimming Supplies try martrim
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    Searching for our rover 100

    Rover P4 Drivers Guild Rover P4 Drivers' Guild ask the p4 guild chaps,the facebook page is much more active than the forum nowadays,you dont need to be a member of the guild to post,please give reg and colour,good luck
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    S2 V8 Wiring diagram

    ie this better