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    Thanks, guys, just wondering if there was something obvious to check, hadn’t started car in a few weeks. Am I right in thinking it just uses ATF, any one in particular?
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    I need to find the source of a PAS fluid leak, moved the car just before Christmas and discovered a puddle round nearside front wheel, any quick suggestions as to what to look for? Ta, Mick
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    your radio cassette player, what is it and why?

    I prefer to open the window a little and listen to the V8 burble......;) Mick
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    Rover stuff

    This was mine, was very pleased with it.
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    Collection of Rovers spotted

    Perhaps a bark of Rovers?!;)
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    Warning light

    Thanks, Harvey & Tom, I’ll have a look at your suggestions tomorrow, weather permitting. Oil pressure light works ok, the choke warning light was removed a couple of years ago during the “sorting it out” period. Mick
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    Warning light

    Hi, all, just moved the car out of the garage and noticed the warning light on the dashboard wasn’t lit. Hand brake was on (honest!:p) and there is plenty of fluid in the reservoir, any suggestions? Mick
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    My 3500S Restoration Project

    Apologies, I don’t wish to hijack the thread but how easy/difficult is changing the shock absorber bushes, I’ve got some new ones ready to be put on. Mick
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    Hi from Worcestershire

    Looking at that photo has reminded me, I’m looking for a tailpipe finisher like that for my V8, any suggestions who sells them? Local motor factors aren’t very helpful..... Mick
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    vip up for sale again

    Boot handle looks a bit suspect too!
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    1 1/2 Early V8's on ebay

    So you really wouldn’t know the wings are fibreglass. Shame about the front valance though....
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    New member

    Nothing wrong with that, I’m the same although I will have a go at some very basic “mechanic-in”. My enjoyment is from driving it and listening to the glorious soundtrack! Mick
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    1 1/2 Early V8's on ebay

    Mine has 4 fibreglass wings, to look at them you’d never know, as cobraboy says I’ve no rot to worry about. Shame about the doors though....;) Mick
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    The View From The Windscreen

    Not the best photo but first run out of the year to Southport, all the best to everyone. Mick
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    New Distributor, won't run for long

    I had similar,multiple, issues, last thing we changed was the fuel pump. Along with carbs overhauled, new plugs, leads, fuel filter and coil. Plus we replaced the oil which contained lots of petrol from all the attempts to start the blasted thing......! Runs like a dream now.