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    Storing an engine for a while – what do I need to do to protect it?

    You've drained the old oil, this is good as it has contaminant which will cause corrosion. You are best to full with new oil and pump it around the engine, turn the engine if you can while spinning the oil pump via the distributor drive, to flush the old contaminated oil from the working of the...
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    who's patent?

    Thanks Forbes, I've just read his posthumous CV (see Link in previous post). If I have a single paragraph like any of his, I'd feel I'd done something. Highlights include : The design of a very short stroke ohc 4 1/2 litre V8 engine for Armstrong Siddeley Armstrong sounds tantalizing. Then his...
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    who's patent?

    There's that name again. I've done a few rallies, which Ian was also competing in; Irish Reto, LeJog. I think they were my Pre-Rover days. Since obtainning and competing with the Rover, I keep get told wonderfull stories about Ian Glass. Everyone speaks warmly of him. He sounds like a true...
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    Possible stale fuel

    If that old and half full, I'd drain fuel the best I can and get a reasonable quantity of fresh fuel in to dilute what is remaining of the stale fuel. If it's not too difficult, draining and clean the float bowls in the carb/carbs, this is worth the effort too. Do this after flushing the supply...
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    who's patent?

    Is this one of the Sports Specials? I saw it at a show in England, 30th June 2013. Detail of the axle.
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    who's patent?

    The Internet is a beast, a Wiki page : Arthur Goddard (engineer) - Wikipedia and a book. Cool guy. They Found Our Engineer The Story of Arthur Goddard. the Land Rover's First Engineer
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    Breakdown cover

    Have you tried your insurance broker, they may be able to provide cover for you. My local insurance broker provides classic (car and bikes) and modern breakdown cover, it's not that great, the recovery mileage is restricted to 20miles. I can pay the recovery firm extra and they take you...
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    Headlamps Main beams

    Are they the ones with the mirrored writing on the front of their vans? I try to keep out of their way. ;);)
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    OK, not a Rover, but it has twin SU carbs, and a blower!

    I've done a few competitive vintage rallies where the performance of blower Bentley and other large vintage cars, just amaze me. They can comfortably sit at 100mph all day. I once accompanied a Talbot 110 from Belfast to Cork and they crused at 80mph the length of Ireland, with over takes...
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    series 2 Kienzle clock repair.

    I have mine on the bench at the moment. Measure the resistance of the coil. I.e. The resistance across the power input and the earth (with the coil contacts closed). Mine is measuring 15-20 ohms. If yours is significantly less, but still above zero, then the coil could damaged. Hence the large...
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    Good bye old girl

    o_O :eek:
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    What's the best way to power an electric fuel pump?

    Agree. An alternative is to power the fuel pump through a relay, linked to the oil pressure switch. Only powering the feul pump when oil pressure is present, thus if the engine stops, lack of oil pressure stops the fuel pump. This catches a fuel pipe coming lose, oil pump failure etc. This has...
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    4.6 engine information

    That's a compliment if I ever heard one, well done. But I hope your client does recognise the additions, improvements. They should get more MPG too, a mild worked engine should be more efficient, therefore pollute less. Or as the .GOV says under MOT exemption criteria: Acceptable changes - It...
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    4.6 engine information

    Penguin, Did you get to drive the 4.6 installed? I'll confirm the gain in torque is insane. With the mildly worked 4.6 fitted, a guest driver commented, "There's no need for the gearbox!". For driving on public roads, the gain in torque is what is noticed and needed :rolleyes: most. Overtaking...