Wins International


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Specialise in Rover P6 & Triumph Spares.
They carry huge stocks of NEW , RECONDITIONED & USED spares
and deliver Worldwide.
All products can be found on
They have an Industrial warehouse full, almost overflowing with Spares.
They have had many parts re- manufactured, where generally not available, too many to list., Badges, Rubber seals, Bushes, etc , etc
They have also bought many Job lots of New old Genuine stock
They also have an extensive used Spares Department and can often find that elusive part .
I have bought parts from Wins and was very pleased with the quality, prices, and vast range.

Delivery was quick and you can rely on their knowledge.

I had one problem with a part I ordered, but it was quickly sorted

Wholeheartedly recommend them

Where would I be without Geoff at Wins. I have been keeping my P6 on the road with Wins for ten plus years now. He knows his stuff and is very fast and reliable. However don't visit his shop as you will spend a fortune on shiny bits that you don't really need, you just want them!! I would score 10 out of 10 for service, Price, and knowledge.
been to him a few times for bits. sadly his young employee was killed in a collision with a landrover when on his motorcycle with a mate. he is a nice presentable chap and yes lots of bits there though has been tidied up now. sadly he can't get hold of a power steering conversion kit for my v8 series 2 but i am supposed to be on his mailing list if one turns up!
missed out on one on eBay grrr. maybe one day. meanwhile will try and sort handbook out 1 day ..( he said hopefully)
I can verify the good /fast service from Geoff at Wins... Me, being somewhat new to the Rover scene, felt confident in Geoff's helpful and knowledgeable handling of my enquiry . Superb service ,
Glad this thread popped up again.
Last time I ordered was 4.30 pm on a Friday, parts were on my doorstep Sat morning, ruined my lie in - had to go fit them. Thanks Geoff :)
I have to join this thread. Geoff has helped get my car back to a happier place than it was. His prices seem very fair, his dispatch times and delivery have been perfect. Of 3 separate orders that come to mind, steering idler, speedo cable and bonnet cable, all arrived the following day. Plus he seems like a thoroughly nice guy when you speak to him. I can't rate him high enough.
I have just placed an order with Geoff. Seems to have the most extensive list of parts worldwide.
It is funny...I last owned and restored a P6 32 years ago and parts were plentiful here in NZ. Now you can't find anything here.
I suppose the car was only 20 years old they are 50.
Where did the time go?