Wine anyone?


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I shall say zis only wonce :wink:

Whitewash is right, this just goes to show how we mere humans can do this seemingly
simple task in only a few moves, including picking the bottle and glass up. which a
machine, maybe not this complex, demonstrates is involved.



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I love the whole steampunk movement. I think that machine should have actually been steam powered though :D
Check out the vintage/modern treatment of the Tatra in Lemony Snicket's a Series of Unfortunate Events


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Wot a load of old bollocks! I must admit to being singularly unimpressed, about as useful and UNINOVATIVE as button fly pair of trousers. Big thumbs down from me.

I am sure soemthing better could have been done with the hours spent in it's construction


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Indeed you are likely to expire from thirst waiting for that process to deliver it's intended purpose.

Ok ok I know it only wine, not a real drink like beer but I just needed to have my whine.

ps maybe I am just becomming old and grumpy :oops: too little time in life for poorly thought out "solutions" I should go drive my p6, now that really lets me loose the old age blues!