Webasco roof.. 1971 P6 3500.

Hi Folks, my car is fitted with the Webasco roof, and is a great asset BUT I could do with information on the best way to maintain it , ie ..the correct grease/oil for lubrication of the sliding mechanism.

And also any treatment that is available to keep the fabric in good condition and waterproof..
Thank you
Pat Pearce


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Go to the bottom of the page and download part 2 of the fitting instructions, this will tell you all about maintance.
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  1. Within the first month the polished alloy side channels should be cleaned with cotton wool dampened with lighter fuel until the metal is bright and shining. The leather feet should then be thoroughly oiled with a light grade sewing machine oil. The roof should then be worked backwards and forwards to distribute the oil, and any surplus oil removed from the channels to avoid staining the headlining. This procedure should be repeated whenever stiffness in operation becomes apparent.

  2. External hooding material is a PVC coated canvas and should not be cleaned with a detergent or polished with linseed or other oils. The material is hard wearing, will not crack, and will give long service. When badly soiled to the point where the dirt has entered the grain so that it cannot be removed with chamois leather and water, a soft brush and luke warm soapy water or one of the proprietary PVC cleaners should be used. A proprietary PVC preservative dressing may be used to preserve appearance and prolong the life of the stitching.

  3. The locking mechanism may be a little stiff to operate when new but this is perfectly normal. The external hooding, the internal headlining and the stainless steel cables which run through the edge of the roof, are all subject to a degree of initial stretch. They are, therefore, deliberately installed under tension to allow for this stretch.
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