VDP 15” wheels

I have sourced a set of 15” alloys and now need the appropriate wheel nuts. Does anyone have the specific details of the sizes?
length, outside diameter, do they have a washer fitted?
thanks in anticipation


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Hi, You can either change the studs for SD1 or Ford metric studs and fit SD1 nut or contact mistertee for appropriate nuts with imperial threads.




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I got some 5001T(?) nuts in 7/16 UNF (supposedly for a Lexus!) from USA, and 25% were useless because the threads were not concentric with the shanks- supplier is sending replacements. These were supposed to have 0.73" shanks, but were only that size where they had been knurled to retain the washers. The rest was 0.715" . I turned the shanks down to 0.695" and thats a good fit in the 14" S2 SD1 wheels. The shanks are a bit longer than SD1, but wont bottom.
I spotted an ad for the correct nuts that in theory will fit series 1&11 of the 14” SD1 types, and also the 15” off the VDP.
The seller is in London, and the description sounds like he knows his stuff.
I will dig it out and post it here.
I cannot find the actual ad, but the website is Speedshack.co.uk
contact no. Is 01895 449066
email is speedshack@live.co.uk

i noted they were around £60 for a set of 20.

i also noted the nuts were 7/16” UNF and 0.48” long.

hope this helps