Valve Guide Replacement


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I have never tackled replacing the valve guides in my 2000 TC as they have always been in good shape in past cylinder head overhaul projects. Unfortunately that has changed due to a botch job by a local machine shop that removed the grooves for the valve stem oil seals. I see in the workshop manual that a complete selection of Rover "special tools" are required, both to remove the old guides and to insert new ones. It being rather unlikely that I will find those exact tools, can anyone provide me with advice as to how "special" those tools are and if there are suggestions as how to proceed with the work.


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I believe the special tools are just shouldered punches. Most machine shopes would either have something on hand that would do the job or would be able to make the parts on a lathe very easily.

One thing that helps in fitting the new guides is to gently heat the head and put the guides in the freezer before fitting.


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The Rover Workshop manual advises that special punch 600959 & 600598 should be used to drive the valve guides in, or damage can be caused to the guide bore or collapse of the seal groove . It then mentions the special tool has a 10 degree angle at the peripheral point of contact to prevent damage .
This would be something any competent shop should be able to do. Probably not the ones that screwed it up, thought you'd expect them to be anxious to make amends.