twin SU on v8 ..choke position query.

my car is an series 2 auto V8 1974 with choke operating cable /connections /linkage on nearside . having visited a car show at Shotley ,east anglia I looked under a bonnet of a series 2 v8 manual 1973 and noticed the choke cable /linkage was on off side carb? carb being build to accept choke cable that side in casting. Accelerator set up being same minus extra cable to auto gearbox. I am now at a loss as to who's car is correct? are there 2 locations for choke? seems improbable rover would do that! should have taken a pic.
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Mine is a 74, with choke cable on nearside carb, which is closest to where the cable comes out to left of the heater. As the choke knob is on RH side of console, it probably isnt too hard to route it out to the right of the heater.