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throttle rod universal coupling

Discussion in 'V8 Engine' started by ginger01, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. ginger01

    ginger01 New Member

    Hi all need some advice please, i have just replaced the two rubber bushes on the throttle linkage on the car (1969 P6 3500 SERIES ONE) and when i went to reassemble it i found that the horrible plastic coupling that joins the two was broken, i had a quick look round the web but as yet no joy so please can anybody point me in the right direction to obtain this part and if so do they come with the roll pins supplied? if not what size roll pin is fitted to these as the WM does not mention the size.
    If its no longer available is there an alternative?.
    Many thanks R H L.
  2. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

  3. ginger01

    ginger01 New Member

    Many thanks Harvey for your very quick reply, As always your the one with the information!.
    Iwill send for one today.
    Cheers R.H.L.
  4. Thomas-P6

    Thomas-P6 Member

    Just out of couriosity:
    I have been working on my throttle linkage over the past few days to eliminate the present play in order to be able to adjust the kick down cable properly. I put the proper rubber bush in the central bracket (there was none before) and managed to obtain close to zero play in the linkage.

    What puzzles me: as you can see in the photo, I don't have the nylon coupling fitted but rather a solid piece of steel pipe connecting the two shafts.
    And yes: the bushing on the bulkhead side holding the shaft is a piece of petrol pipe but it is holding the shaft pretty well.

    throttle shaft coupling.jpg

    I have been reading that the nylon coupling is also meant as a universal joint to compensate for any movement/shaking of the running engine. Yet this arrangement has not given me any obvious problems for the last 10.000 km, and God knows how long this has been in use with the previous owners.

    Should I change to the nylon coupling?

    Thanks for any comments.

  5. oldbloke

    oldbloke Active Member

    My setup devised by mechanic Tranny Kick down.JPG
  6. Thomas-P6

    Thomas-P6 Member

    Hi Oldbloke,
    This is certainly an Engineering masterpiece!

    However, you seem to have the HS6 carb set up rather than the HIF6's I have on the late P6.

    Thanks for posting this one.

  7. PeterZRH

    PeterZRH Well-Known Member

    Mine looks almost exactly like yours. It works fine. The solution makes no sense in that context. They could have just used a cable.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2017
  8. ginger01

    ginger01 New Member

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I am tempted to try the solution that Thomas has on his car seeing as his has done a lot of miles with no problems.
    Cheers R.H.L.
  9. Demetris

    Demetris Well-Known Member

    For anyone that wants to incorporate a UJ in this throttle linkage shaft, a UJ from a 1/4" drive socket set would be nice.
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  10. unstable load

    unstable load Well-Known Member

    I have a piece of steam hose on mine. It still flexes to take up minor movement and is cheap to replace.
  11. roverp480

    roverp480 Member

  12. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    Although I've had to replace them because they had broken I wouldn't say it was that common if everything on the linkage is as it should be.
  13. unstable load

    unstable load Well-Known Member

    My car has the retro fitted aircon without the engine stay bar, and that coupled with youthfully enthusiastic driving made sure the nylon bushes didn't last long.
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  14. mtb_tuli

    mtb_tuli Active Member

    I had replaced the nylon coupling with a solid bracket (for connecting steel cables) and showed some photos here.
    Sure, I found the year´s most ingenious P6 trouble shooting solution....
    Soon I learned, that this solution is not good, the guys here are right, you simply move the stress from your engine lh/rh motion into your bulkhead shaft end. A flex coupling like RoverP480 shows does the job, the steam hose I must say, tricky, but at the end I used a new original nylon coupling. To find the right sized pins is not easy otherwise it´s too lose, but now it works fine.

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