Tab washer.

Rover part number 2819 is missing from my car along with one of the 3/8 in bolts fixing the front mounting bracket to the base unit. The bracket holds the extension housing of the differential.

This looks to be a rectangular washer that spreads the load over the bracket a bit. However it shows on the parts manual that on the right hand side a round washer present as well.

Since if that bracket came down completely on the road you would probably be enjoying the leather seats again while waiting for a tow I was wondering if there is anything special about the tab. I do not think they are lock tabs, so I will make a replacement and put it back together.

Has anyone else had any problems with these bolts working their way out?


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I haven't got the parts book, so can't be sure what it is you're referring to, but I think you'll find it is a locktab for the bolt. 2000 pinion crossmember retaining bolts had them fitted.


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Description in my parts book re. 1934-38 Rover Cars for 2819 is 'Locker small' , which I believe refers to a Locktab, as spring washers are listed as such. There is another obvious Locktab, described as a Locker.
I cleaned the accumulated grime off the other side and it seemed to be set up as a lock tab. I have some of the lock tabs for the read discs. I compared the material to what I had in my workshop and decided that I could make a lock tab from a hurricane hangar. I have now put it back together and will drive to the workshop where my lift is and see if I can get the parking brake working again.
Funny story about that, I had this very thing happen to me while the lads & I were out proving that the P6 was a capable off road car. We were able to find the last bolt to fall out, just a few feet behind the car, but one bolt wasn't going to get us back. So we whittled a wooden peg to kind of hold the other side of the bracket in place. I could only go at a walking pace, and we had to replace the peg several times, but we did get the car back to pavement.