Steering side rod equivalent nut size?

Hi All,
Sorry for the dim question but does anyone know the equivalent imperial nylok nut size for the steering side rod nuts pleaseo_O as i want to replace with nylok nuts not castellated thanks in advance ;)


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Hi, To be honest they could be any size and type depending whether they are originals or aftermarkets, By originals I mean OE replacements. Later or more modern one may be built using pins with metric threads, that's not really a problem because they are supplied with nuts. Having said that there won't be too many choices because they will be limited by the size of the pin. So just measure the diameter of the thread and the TPI using a gauge, an online thread chart will tell you what it is.

Is the problem the result of snapping off a split pin in the hole and not being able to get a drill into the location?
I once got around this by grinding the tops off two castellated nuts to reduce their heights then using the 2nd one to lock the first. I'm not sure if it would be entirely approved but seems as secure as a Nyloc.