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Stainless steel nuts and bolts

Discussion in 'Rover P6 Bodywork & Interior' started by dmblbit, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. dmblbit

    dmblbit Active Member

    Is it OK to replace the 9/16" AF nuts and bolts which hold the front bumper irons to the chassis with stainless steel ones? I thought I'd heard somewhere that the SS ones are not as strong?
  2. SydneyRoverP6B

    SydneyRoverP6B Well-Known Member Staff Member


    The bolts that secure the bumper irons to the chassis are grade 5 high tensile. There are high tensile stainless steel bolts available, but you would need to order them in, as most over the shelf will not be high tensile.
    Bolt Strength Grades and Head Markings. | NHTB

  3. sdibbers

    sdibbers Well-Known Member

    This a US based place, but McMaster Carr is an amazing supplier of all things (and I mean all things). Their website is great and they have a lot of easily understood technical info too.

  4. ghce

    ghce Well-Known Member

    Yeah standard off the shelf SS is soft and stringy
  5. roverp480

    roverp480 Active Member

    I must admit I am very reluctant to use SS fixings except for holding such things as trim items . I wont use them for safety critical items at all as the nature of them, unless you really look into it, can be very different from other steel fixing. Its not just the basic tensile strength that is important.
  6. corazon

    corazon Well-Known Member

    On this subject I’ve noticed recently that one of the main suppliers is selling stainless “upgrade” hex bolts for rear suspension components such as dedion elbows. I couldn’t believe what I was reading honestly..such a safety critical part of the car as we all know

    I know you can get some very strong stainless grades, ARP does one that rivals 8.8 I believe but they are of course very expensive.

    You can get chrome plated HT UNF bolts/set screws from Namrick but the last time I had a look at them (in Hove Nut and Bolt Store) there had been some manufacturing defects with a large batch meaning the chrome was already peeling..

    Stainless for show, Steel for go go
  7. colnerov

    colnerov Well-Known Member

    Hi, As well as the structural issue there is the electrolytic action as well. The are stainless engine fixing kits for things like the water pump for example, which is worse than steel for that.


  8. unstable load

    unstable load Well-Known Member

    A mate has a business fixing motorcycles and he recently asked me what our stainless aviation fasteners were rated at and where could he buy some because he had a client bring in a sports bike that had braking issues which he traced to loose calipers.
    The owner had spent a packet on fancy stainless fasteners and replaced almost every visible bolt or screw with the shiny stuff, including his caliper bolts....which were stretching under the forces of track day riding...:eek:
  9. ghce

    ghce Well-Known Member

    And the Darwin award goes too......

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  10. unstable load

    unstable load Well-Known Member

    Fortunately, it never came to that, but it was only a matter of time...

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