Thanks just trying to get to bottom of it keep stopping. Have replaced angle drive twice. Cable seems free needle moves when I twist the cable. Angle drive has copper washer at gearbox union. I don't know what to check next!
there are 2 angle drives on my rover p6b. replaced cable and checked bot drives no faults found . lubricated both drives and cable . speedo works but reads slower than actual road speed ! wondering if tyres are correct size now ? seems odd it works but keeps stopping .form description sounds as though cable isn't driving speed unit fully. Is cable sticking through enough for full contact? we checked cabe at speedo end with fingers when its in gearbox ? should be stiff and no turning ..do not force. if..cable isn't engaging fully in speedo head it may be creating a friction ..enough to drive a bit bit not keep going etc.
All problem now resolved. I decided to take angle drive apart. Its very simple just two circlips. Once they are removed the two gears come out. The one that goes into the speedo drive has a square drive shaft that goes through one of the gears. This was where the problem was. The shaft was spinning in the gear. I was able to pull the drive completely out. I assume that this should be an interference fit. However after cleaning all the bits of any oil I used a little bit of Loctite super glue gel. I find this better as it stays where you want it. After 30 seconds it sets. Now the shaft is fixed in the gear. I reassembled the angle drive. Left it for another hour to cure properly refitted it to gearbox refitted the cable took it for a little drive around the block and hey presto speedo is working again. I am not sure if the glue will last only time will tell. If it fails again I will try solder. One thing I did notice was the speedo was steady now no fluctuation. I took the other speedo drive I have apart too just to see if that does the same. It does spin in the gear also. However the shaft did not come out. I will look into this one further when I have more time. Hope this helps others who may suffer the same problem.