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Soon to be looking for a P6 newby, dumb questions alert :)

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Pullstarter, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. Pullstarter

    Pullstarter New Member

    Howdy all,
    New to the Rover world but have a lot of previous mechanical experience from old Ford Escorts and VWs etc. but time to try something different :) Seriously considering buying a P6 3500 in a few months time and have some silly questions :)

    I've been reading a lot about the Weber 4 barrel conversion and it seems the go but does it all fit comfortably under the stock bonnet with no issues? Is this a fairly simple DIY job (I have pretty decent car fixing skills, comes from owning European cars lol)?

    Would be looking at putting electronic ignition in at some stage, which set-up is the best to go for?

    Would probably also look at doing a manual conversion if I buy an auto. Is this a massive job or not too bad? Also, what box would you go for?

    What tools do I need for a P6, BSW, Metric or SAE?

    Apart from the obvious, rust, oil leaks, horrible noises, anything I should pay particular attention to on the inspection?

    Appreciate any help you can give and really looking forward to owning one of these handsome cars :)

  2. Dave3066

    Dave3066 Active Member

    Hi Simon, good luck in your search, and speaking of searches, there is a great search function in this forum so if you search for each of the questions you have there will be a ton of information and advice from forum users on what they feel the best options were for their cars. Spend a few hours doing that then come back with any other questions for clarification :).


  3. ajdcraig

    ajdcraig New Member

    Simon, We fitted a Lumenition Performance E-Ignition last year from Rimmer Bros to my series 2 P6B, and it has been faultless thus far. I would say it is mid to upper price bracket of the options available, but I am happy with the choice. Best of luck!!
  4. roverp480

    roverp480 Active Member

    Quote from Workshop manual:-
    " Workshop tools . All sizes quoted refer to the actual spanner size unless otherwise stated. Apart from a few exceptions, all thread types are either Unified fine (UNF) or Unified Course (UNC). On some later cars, metric threaded parts are used."
    If a later V8 engine has been fitted it could have more Metric fixing. ( NB Unified are Inch sizes)
  5. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    You'll need a 3/8" Whitworth socket, a 1/4Whit. spanner, and if you're into some serious spannering, a 3/4" Whit OE spanner. Other than that it's all AF IIRC.

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