Sleipnir/PAE (OR Rovey to Phoebe!) - SOLD


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I’m putting up for sale my much-loved Rover P6 3500. I’ve had several issues with my back and an operation and I think it’s come to the time when I know I can’t maintain or look after it anymore. I’ve loved owning and driving one of the oldest production V8 cars. I’ve learned to weld to keep it on the road, and repaired the sills, rear arches and boot floor myself (An extensive history can be seen on It goes very well, and has later range rover heads and free flow air filters, The autobox was overhauled by Clive Annable, and both Clive and Mark Gray have looked after the brakes and suspension components on occasion (e.g. ball joints) It’s had new springs and shocks all round and anywhere I’ve welded has been covered in epoxy mastic 121.

The engine is slightly noisy, and suffers low oil pressure when it’s very warm, so I’ve got a block which I’ve been stripping down, which is in good condition in terms of pistons. I was going to fit new rings, and I’ve also got a brand new NOS crankshaft to go in it.
It has an overhauled heater with brand new matrix, and a pretty decent interior, electronic relays for indicators, and relay for the headlights.
The body panels that are on the car are showing the age of their restoration, which from what I’ve heard was sometime in the early 90s. Due to this I’ve procured a complete set of side panels and doors, which are EXCELLENT (good doors are rocking horse poo…). The car comes with a spare set of wheels, a whole bunch of paperwork, and the original letter from the gentleman to the garage ordering the car.
This is a very early car. It’s serial numbers are very low, and I’m reliably informed left Solihull on 23rd May ish 1968.
The car has a manual steering setup.
It has an electronic dizzy.
The front end of the engine that’s in the car has been overhauled with new timing gear and an uprated oil pump.
There are lots of spares with the car, from bodywork and electrical bits to lamps, grills, overriders, and most sundries you’re likely to need. There are also several spare fibreglass panels, and a spare diff.
With the car also comes an engine crane, high lift jack, an engine stand, a Clarke welder, welding mask, a couple of angle grinders, a heat gun (useful for cleaning off old underseal), along with some tools, e.g torque wrench, spanners, sockets, breaker bar.
I’ve been a lot into this car over the last decade, and now it needs someone to care enough to see it through the next.
It’s a car you can drive every day and fix as you go. The only thing I think may need looking at in the near future and not as part of the ongoing project is that it’s losing a little brake fluid, but very slowly, which usually means a rear caliper needs looking at, given it’s new at the front and has new master cylinder, and most of the ancillaries for the servo have already been changed.

For the car, parts, and the tools to look after it I’m looking for £5000ono.
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